Dispensaries in England

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This dataset comprises of codes for dispensaries in England. Each dispensary can only be linked to one HQ (Headquarter). It includes information about the organization and zip codes, open and close date information and telephone number for several dispensaries in England.


The Organization Data Service (ODS) is provided by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). It is responsible for the publication of all organization and practitioner codes and national policy and standards with regard to the majority of organization codes, and encompasses the functionality and services previously provided by the National Administrative Codes Service (NACS).

These code standards form part of the NHS data standards. The HSCIC is also responsible for the day-to-day operation of the ODS and for its overall development.

Data for General Medical Practices, General Medical Practitioners (GPs), Prescribing Cost Centres and Dispensaries are supplied by the NHS Prescription Services and are used to facilitate their remit to remunerate dispensing contractors and provide the NHS with financial, prescribing and drug information.

Although the data for dispensaries are supplied by the NHS Prescription Service, they are processed by the ODS team to produce the publication file; in order that the data be structured to fit with other organization data that the ODS publish. Parent HQ organizations are also required and it is the responsibility of the ODS to maintain this information. The NHS Prescription Service relies on their contacts within Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to inform them of updates and additions to dispensaries within their area. This updating is carried out to the NHS Prescription Service’s systems on an ongoing basis, with the NHS Prescription Service supplying updated files to ODS. The ODS team load the dispensary data from the NHS Prescription Service to a bespoke database which is used to identify new dispensaries and either assign them to an existing HQ, or create new HQ codes when required.

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John Snow Labs; Data.Gov.UK, (National Health Service, England NHS Digital);

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General Medical Practitioners (GPs), General Practitioner, General Practice Doctor, General Doctor, General Medical Practices, Dispensaries HQ in England, National Health Service (NHS), Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), National Administrative Codes Service (NACS), Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

Other Titles

Codes for Dispensary Headquarters in England, List of English Dispensaries and Their Relative Codes

Organization_CodeRefers to the dispensary code.stringrequired : 1
Dispensary_NameIt identifies the name of the specific dispensary.stringrequired : 1
National_Grouping_CodeA three-digit alpha-numeric code that identifies the National Grouping of the specific dispensary.string-
High_Level_Health_Geography_CodeA specific code that denotes the high-level health geography of a particular dispensary.string-
Address_Line1Main Address of the dispensary.stringrequired : 1
Address_Line2Secondary address of the dispensary.string-
Address_Line3Remaining part of the address where the dispensary is located.string-
Address_Line4Remaining part of the address where the dispensary is located.string-
Zip_CodeThe zip code of the specific dispensary.stringrequired : 1
Open_DateThe opening date of the dispensary.daterequired : 1
Close_DateThe closing date of the dispensary.date-
Current_StatusThe current status of the dispensary.stringrequired : 1 enum : Array
Organization_Sub_TypeA depiction for the pharmacy's sub-type.stringrequired : 1 enum : Array
Parent_Organization_CodeAn alpha-numeric code for parent organization for owning pharmacy HQ.string-
Joined_Parent_Organization_DateDate when the organization joined the parent organization.date-
Left_Parent_Organization_DateDate when the organization left the parent organization.date-
Contact_Telephone_NumberThe telephone number to contact the dispensary.string-
Is_Record_AmendedIndicates whether the record is amended or not.booleanrequired : 1
Current_Care_Organization_CodePrimary Care Organization code for the area in which the dispensary is located.string-
FL266G SMITHY56Q71176 LONG LANELONDONN3 2RA1987-10-01ActivePharmacyP6752004-04-01falseQ71
FGH29MASSINGHAMY56Q71197 ROMAN ROADLONDONE2 0QY1994-10-24ActivePharmacyP68T2004-04-01falseQ71
FGP94ASDA PHARMACYY56Q711 WEST MALLLONDONN9 0AL2008-11-17ActivePharmacyP10F2008-11-17falseQ71
FGH19BOOTSY55Q78231 ST ALBANS ROADWATFORDWD24 5BQ1948-01-01ActivePharmacyP08F2004-04-01falseQ78
FNH88SINCLAIRSY56Q71559 ROMAN ROADBOWLONDONE3 5EL1991-03-04ActivePharmacyP14R2004-04-01falseQ71
FE194SINCLAIRSY56Q7150 BEN JONSON ROADLONDONE1 3NN1985-02-01ActivePharmacyP14R2004-04-01falseQ71
FH822WESTWAY PHARMACYY56Q7111 WESTWAYLONDONW12 0PT1948-01-01ActivePharmacyP0AQ2004-04-01falseQ71
FR797DUBISON LTDY56Q71168 CHURCH ROADLONDONNW10 9NH1948-01-01ActivePharmacyP02P2004-04-01falseQ71
FTK70NUCHEMY56Q71778 GREEN LANEDAGENHAMESSEXRM8 1YT1987-04-01ActivePharmacyP36R2004-04-01falseQ71
FVG31SWAN PHARMACYY56Q71119 SOUTH ENDCROYDONCR0 1BJ1988-11-01ActivePharmacyP15V2004-04-01falseQ71