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This dataset is about the relationship of a drug to certain symptoms or diseases. There are two types of relationships; A drug either “Caused side effects” or “was effective against symptom”.


This dataset is created by Crowd Flower. The data contains information filled out on forms by patients. The contributors at Crowd Flower then went through the data and determined the relationship of a drug to certain symptoms or diseases. There are two types of relationships. A drug either: Caused side effects – Drug gave me symptom.

– Was effective against a condition – Drug helped my disease
– Is prescribed for a certain disease – Drug was given to help my disease
– Is contraindicated in – Drug should not be taken if you have disease or symptom
– The second similarity was more about the statement itself. Those broke down into:
– Personal experiences – I started drug for disease
– Personal experiences negated – Drug did not cause symptom
– Impersonal experiences – I’ve heard drug causes symptom
– Impersonal experiences negated – I’ve read rug doesn’t cause symptom
– Question – Have you tried drug?

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John Snow Labs; Data.World, Crowd Flower;

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Crowd Flower Data, Drugs and Symptoms of Diseases, Drug List, Drug Caused Diseases, Drug Caused Symptoms, Drugs Relationships, Drug Side Effects, Drug Therapeutic Effects

Other Titles

Drug Symptoms Relationship, Drug Relation Database, Relationship Between Drug Indication and Side Effects

Unit_IdUnique ID assigned to each entrynumberrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Is_Unit_State_FinalizedState of the unit, either finalized, or not finalizedbooleanrequired : 1
Trusted_JudgementsNumber of people who made their judgements against the unit to be correct or ambiguous.integerrequired : 1 level : Ratio
Last_Judgement_DateDate and time when the last trusted judgement was made.datetime-
Patient_Relation_TypeType of association that the patient had with the drug.stringrequired : 1
Percent_Patient_Relation_TypePercentage of association that the patient had with the drug.numberrequired : 1 level : Ratio
Patient_Relation_DescriptionDescription of the association/relation of patient to the drugstringrequired : 1
Percent_Patient_Relation_DescriptionPercentage of the association/relation of patient to the drugnumberrequired : 1 level : Ratio
Document_IdUnique ID assigned to each document that was filled by the patientstringrequired : 1
Is_Document_AmbiguousWhether or not the document is ambiguous.booleanrequired : 1
Patient_Relation_Type_AmbiguousCount of type of association that the patient had with the drug which were ambiguousintegerlevel : Ratio
Patient_Relation_Type_Ambiguity_ReasonReason of ambiguitystring-
Patient_Relation_Description_AmbiguousCount of description of association that the patient had with the drug which were ambiguousnumberlevel : Ratio
Patient_Relation_Description_Ambiguous_ReasonReason of ambiguitystring-
Remarks_by_PatientAdditional remarks by the patientstringrequired : 1
711484252true32015-04-29T18:24:00Question1Was effective against1771falseIs Imuran known to help abscesses?
711484451true32015-04-29T21:18:00Personal experience1Caused side effect1970falseEffexor threw me into mania.
711484712true32015-04-30T01:09:00Impersonal experience0.64Other0.71231falsesay SSD does not approve just IBS.
711484506true32015-04-29T17:24:00Question0.69Caused side effect11025falsecould you get hives from gabapentin...
711484047true32015-04-30T02:04:00Personal experience0.68Caused side effect1566falseSteroids can set off mania...
711484241true32015-04-29T18:29:00Personal experience1Other0.36760falseThanks to my weight loss i am off insulin.
711484776true32015-04-29T17:54:00Question0.67Other11295falseIs it all insulin or is it part scar tissue or what?
711483801true32015-04-29T17:04:00Personal experience1Other0.67320falseIm talking about RIBA RASH and INCIVEK RASH.
711483539true32015-04-29T18:00:00Personal experience1Other0.6558false5cm ovarian cyst and my estradiol level was 380.
711483738true32015-04-30T01:09:00Question1Caused side effect0.64257falseAnd why isnt autism listed for vaccine court?