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Drug And Product Reaction Data Package

$716 $500 / YEAR

This data package contains information about the drugs and chemicals that contribute to certain symptoms or diseases. It also includes adverse drug reactions that are associated with the product and substance with MedDRA Preferred Term (PT), PT codes and System Organ Class (SOC) codes.

Helps to determine whether or not adverse reactions are recorded in the European Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC).; MedDRA Preferred Terms (PT) that are present in the dataset are used to facilitate the accuracy of ADR (Adverse Drug Reactions) descriptions.; MedDRA Preferred Terms (PT) are used to map terms of the SPC.; Helps to understand which drugs or chemicals cause which type of disease
Update Frequency: Annual
Data Complexity: Simple
Number of Datasets: 4
1. Accidental Drug Related Deaths in Connecticut ($179)
2. Adverse Reaction with Preferred Term and System Organ Class Codes ($179)
3. Chemicals Contributing to Disease ($179)
4. Drug Relationship Database ($179)