Electric Non Investor Owned Utilities Companies and Rates 2011

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The Energy Information Administration data files include information such as peak load, generation, electric purchases, sales, revenues, customer counts and demand-side management programs, green pricing and net metering programs, and distributed generation capacity.


The dataset compiled by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) using data from ABB, the Velocity Suite and the U.S. Energy Information Administration dataset 861, provides average residential, commercial and industrial electricity rates by zip code for both investor owned utilities (IOU) and non-investor owned utilities. The file includes average rates for each utility, but not the detailed rate structure data found in the Open EI U.S. Utility Rate Database. A more recent version of this data is also available through the NREL Utility Rate API with more search options. This data was released by NREL/Ventyx in February 2011.

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Electric Non Investor Owned Utilities Companies and Rates US 2011, Electric Non Investor Owned Utilities Companies and Rates By Zipcode 2011

ZipcodeZipcode of the areaintegerlevel : Nominal
EIA_IdEnergy Information Administration IDintegerlevel : Nominal
Utility_NameUtility name of the power supplierstring-
State_AbbreviationState codestring-
Service_TypeA means of operation whereby energy, transmission, and distribution services, as well as ancillary and retail services, are provided by one entity.string-
OwnershipInvestor-owned utility (IOU): A privately-owned electric utility whose stock is publicly traded. It is rate regulated and authorized to achieve an allowed rate of return.string-
Commercial_RateCommercial sector: An energy-consuming sector that consists of service-providing facilities and equipment of businesses; Federal, State, and local governments; and other private and public organizations, such as religious, social, or fraternal groups. The commercial sector includes institutional living quarters. It also includes sewage treatment facilities. Common uses of energy associated with this sector include space heating, water heating, air conditioning, lighting, refrigeration, cooking, and running a wide variety of other equipment. Note: This sector includes generators that produce electricity and/or useful thermal output primarily to support the activities of the above-mentioned commercial establishments.numberlevel : Ratio
Industrial_RateIndustrial sector: An energy-consuming sector that consists of all facilities and equipment used for producing, processing, or assembling goods. The industrial sector encompasses the following types of activity manufacturing (NAICS codes 31-33); agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting (NAICS code 11); mining, including oil and gas extraction (NAICS code 21); and construction (NAICS code 23). Overall energy use in this sector is largely for process heat and cooling and powering machinery, with lesser amounts used for facility heating, air conditioning, and lighting. Fossil fuels are also used as raw material inputs to manufactured products. Note: This sector includes generators that produce electricity and/or useful thermal output primarily to support the above-mentioned industrial activities. Various EIA programs differ in sectoral coverage.numberlevel : Ratio
Residential_RateResidential/commercial (consumer category): Housing units, wholesale or retail businesses (except coal wholesale dealers); health institutions (hospitals, social and educational institutions (schools and universities); and Federal, state, and local governments (military installations, prisons, office buildings, etc.). Excludes shipments to Federal power projects, such as TVA, and rural electrification cooperatives, power districts, and state power projects.numberlevel : Ratio
920465969City of EscondidoCABundledMunicipal000.016666667
920335969City of EscondidoCABundledMunicipal000.016666667
920305969City of EscondidoCABundledMunicipal000.016666667
557132491City of BuhlMNBundledMunicipal0.08467072500.07541553
499471367Bayfield Electric Coop, IncMIBundledCooperative000.25
499111367Bayfield Electric Coop, IncMIBundledCooperative000.25
499591367Bayfield Electric Coop, IncMIBundledCooperative000.25
499691367Bayfield Electric Coop, IncMIBundledCooperative000.25
499681367Bayfield Electric Coop, IncMIBundledCooperative000.25
499381367Bayfield Electric Coop, IncMIBundledCooperative000.25