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This dataset contains the Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (EEPS) Program encourages cost-effective electric and natural gas energy efficiency across New York State.


New York State’s utilities and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) administer energy efficiency programs to achieve energy efficiency savings. EEPS energy efficiency programs provide technical services, information and customer incentives to encourage customers in implementing energy efficiency measures. This data includes the list of energy efficiency programs and the estimated energy savings reported for each program.

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Energy Efficiency Savings New York, Energy Research and Development Authority

Program_AdministratorProgram administrator name: a utility company or NYSERDA (NYS Energy Research and Development Authority)string-
Program_NameName of energy efficiency program authorized under EEPS. Ancillary electric savings resulting from gas programs and ancillary gas savings from electric programs are denoted by an asterisk (*) next to the program name.string-
Fuel_TypeThe primary fuel type: Gas or Electricstring-
SectorThe sector served by the program: Commercial (includes Industrial); Residential; or Multifamilystring-
Net_Fuel_Savings_AcquiredEstimated number of units of fuel savings; includes savings acquired through EEPS 1 and EEPS 2, including ancillary savings from the companion gas or electric programs, as appropriate.numberlevel : Ratio
Fuel_Savings_UnitThe unit for the fuel savings: MWh (megawatt-hours) for electric fuel type; Dth (dekatherms) for gas fuel typestring-
Cumulative_Net_Energy_Savings_Acquired_As_of_DateEnd date for the period for which cumulative energy savings (including ancillary savings) have been
Niagara Mohawk Power CorporationEnergy Wise ProgramGasMultifamily102558.6Dth2014-09-30
Rochester Gas and Electric CorporationEnergy Saver ProgramGasResidential0Dth2014-09-30
Rochester Gas and Electric CorporationEnergy Saver ProgramGasResidential0Dth2014-12-31
Rochester Gas and Electric CorporationC&I Gas ProgramGasCommercial56691.4Dth2015-09-30
Rochester Gas and Electric CorporationC&I Gas ProgramGasCommercial43609.98Dth2014-09-30
Rochester Gas and Electric CorporationC&I Gas ProgramGasCommercial48550.11Dth2014-12-31
Rochester Gas and Electric CorporationC&I Gas ProgramGasCommercial49511.44Dth2015-03-31
Rochester Gas and Electric CorporationC&I Gas ProgramGasCommercial56691.41Dth2015-06-30
Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.Residential HVACElecricResidential51.19MWh2015-09-30
Rochester Gas and Electric CorporationC&I Gas ProgramGasCommercial63028.72Dth2015-12-31