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  • Gene Expression Based on Immunohistochemistry of Normal Tissue
  • Expression Profiles for Proteins Using Normal Human Tissues


  • Cell Microarray
  • Immunohistochemisty
  • Expression Profiles of Normal Tissues
  • Expression Profiles for Proteins in Human Tissues
  • Protein Staining Profiles
  • Normal Human Tissue
  • Human Tissue Specimens
  • Potential Cancer Biomarkers

Expression Profiles For Proteins in Normal Human Tissues

This dataset covers the Expression profiles for proteins in human tissues based on immunohistochemistry using tissue microarrays. The data is based on The Human Protein Atlas version 16 and Ensembl version 83.38.

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The Expression Profiles For Proteins in Normal Human Tissues contains quantitative data and images describing the expression and distribution of human proteins across tissues and organs, both on the mRNA and protein level. The protein expression data is derived from annotation of immunohistochemical staining of cell populations in all major human tissues and organs, including the brain, liver, kidney, lymphoid tissues, heart, lung, skin, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, endocrine tissues and the reproductive organs. In total, 44 different human tissues are included and contain annotation data for altogether 76 different cell types. The antibody-based protein profiles are qualitative and describe the spatial distribution, cell type specificity and the rough relative abundance of proteins in these tissues, whereas the mRNA data provide quantitative data on the average gene expression within an entire tissue. For each gene, the immunohistochemical staining profile, based on a single or multiple antibodies, is matched with mRNA data and gene/protein characterization data to yield an “annotated protein expression” profile.

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United States


John Snow Labs; The Human Protein Atlas, Ensembl;

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Publicly available and free for research application but citation is required. Permission asked for commercial uses

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Human Protein Atlas available from www.proteinatlas.org


Cell Microarray, Immunohistochemisty, Expression Profiles of Normal Tissues, Expression Profiles for Proteins in Human Tissues, Protein Staining Profiles, Normal Human Tissue, Human Tissue Specimens, Potential Cancer Biomarkers

Other Titles

Gene Expression Based on Immunohistochemistry of Normal Tissue, Expression Profiles for Proteins Using Normal Human Tissues

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Ensembl_Gene_IDGene ID by Ensemblstringrequired : 1
Gene_IDID assigned to the gene. Each gene has a unique ID.string-
Tissue_NameName of tissue from which protein expression data is derivedstring-
Name_of_Cell_TypeName of annotated cell typestring-
ReliabilityGene reliability of the expression valuestring-

Data Preview

Ensembl Gene IDGene IDTissue NameName of Cell TypeLevelReliability
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6adipose tissueadipocytesNot detectedApproved
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6adrenal glandglandular cellsNot detectedApproved
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6appendixglandular cellsMediumApproved
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6appendixlymphoid tissueNot detectedApproved
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6bone marrowhematopoietic cellsNot detectedApproved
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6breastadipocytesNot detectedApproved
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6breastglandular cellsHighApproved
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6breastmyoepithelial cellsNot detectedApproved
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6bronchusrespiratory epithelial cellsHighApproved
ENSG00000000003TSPAN6caudateglial cellsNot detectedApproved