• Gene Expression Based on Immunohistochemistry of Cancer Tissue
  • Expression Profiles for Proteins Using Normal Human Tissues
  • RNA Sequence in Human Tissue and Cell Line


  • Protein Staining Profiles
  • Human Tumor Tissue
  • Human Cancer Specimens
  • Tissue Microarray Data
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Expression profiles
  • Cell Microarray
  • RNA based levels
  • Expression profiles
  • RNA Sequencing Data

Human Gene Expression Database Data Package

$805.50 $562 / YEAR

This data package contains expression profiles for proteins in normal and cancer tissues. It also contains data on sequence based RNA levels in human tissue and cell line.

Sequence Based RNA Levels in Human Tissue and Cell Line dataset helps to analyze the continually changing cellular transcriptome.; Facilitates the ability to look at alternative gene spliced transcripts, post-transcriptional modifications, gene fusion, mutations/SNPs and changes in gene expression.; The data package also helps to look at and analyze different populations of RNA to include total RNA, small RNA, such as miRNA, tRNA, and ribosomal profiling.; Expression profile dataset helps in the identification of a potential protein signature for each given type of cancer and provides a starting point for further analyses of cancer type-specific proteins.; Because the cancer atlas contains a large number of cancer samples, the available protein profiles provide an excellent starting point for identifying new potential cancer biomarkers.
Update Frequency: Annual
Data Complexity: Simple
Number of Datasets: 3
1. Expression Profiles For Proteins in Human Cancer Tissues ($179)
2. Expression Profiles For Proteins in Normal Human Tissues ($179)
3. Sequence Based RNA Levels in Human Tissue and Cell Line ($447.5)