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FDA Drugs Database Data Package

$2,685 $1,878 / YEAR

This data package contains datasets that have been used to build the Drugs@FDA. The information is classified by health information, regulatory information and advanced search. This data package contains the necessary technical information (excluding programming scripts) to reproduce the online version of Drugs@FDA. The data package is best to use with a database program.

The data package is useful for finding labels for approved drug products, generic drug products for an innovator drug product, therapeutically equivalent drug products for an innovator or generic drug product, consumer information for drugs, all drugs with a specific active ingredient, viewing the approval history of a drug.
1. Approved Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies Materials Data ($179)
2. Approved Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies Products Data ($179)
3. Clinical Investigator Inspection List ($179)
4. Clinical Investigators Disqualification Proceedings ($179)
5. Drugs Application Number and Sponsor ($179)
6. Drugs Application Submission Property Type ($179)
7. Drugs Data File Document Addresses ($179)
8. Drugs Database Marketing Status ($179)
9. Drugs Database Products Included ($179)
10. Drugs Database Submissions Included ($179)
11. Drugs Therapeutic Equivalence Code ($179)
12. FDA Drug Discontinuation ($179)
13. FDA Drug Master Files Directory ($179)
14. FDA Drug Shortages ($179)
15. FDA Inspections Database ($179)