GDP by Industry and Country

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This dataset gives the information of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by industry and country. The GDP breakdown at current prices in National currency (all countries).

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The figures are based on nominal GDP and GDP (PPP) Purchasing Power Parity and sector composition ratios provided by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) World Factbook at market or government official exchange rates with figures in trillions of United States dollars.

Here are the following sectors:

Agricultural (or primary) sector:

Agriculture (a term which encompasses farming) is the process of producing food, feed, fiber and other goods by the systematic raising of plants and animals. Agricultural output is a component of the GDP of a nation.

Industrial (or secondary) sector:

Industry is the segment of economy concerned with production of goods (including fuels and fertilizers). Industrial output is a component of the GDP of a nation. It includes mining and extraction sectors.

Service (or tertiary) sector:

A service is the non-material equivalent of a good. Service provision is defined as an economic activity that does not result in ownership, and this is what differentiates it from providing physical goods. It is claimed to be a process that creates benefits by facilitating either a change in customers, a change in their physical possessions, or a change in their intangible assets. Service output is a component of the GDP of a nation. The service sector includes (but is not limited to) farm and factory related activities.

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John Snow Labs; CIA World Factbook;

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GDP Rate, GDP by Industry, GDP by Industry and Country, List of Countries by GDP

Other Titles

GDP by Industry by Country 1970 to 2013, GDP Rate 1970 to 2013

CountryGDP Country Namestring-
Indicator_NameIndicator Name with respect to GDPstring-
GDP_Year_1970Data of GDP in year 1970integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1971Data of GDP in year 1971integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1972Data of GDP in year 1972integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1973Data of GDP in year 1973integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1974Data of GDP in year 1974integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1975Data of GDP in year 1975integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1976Data of GDP in year 1976integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1977Data of GDP in year 1977integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1978Data of GDP in year 1978integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1979Data of GDP in year 1979integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1980Data of GDP in year 1980integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1981Data of GDP in year 1981integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1982Data of GDP in year 1982integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1983Data of GDP in year 1983integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1984Data of GDP in year 1984integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1985Data of GDP in year 1985integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1986Data of GDP in year 1986integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1987Data of GDP in year 1987integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1988Data of GDP in year 1988integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1989Data of GDP in year 1989integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1990Data of GDP in year 1990integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1991Data of GDP in year 1991integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1992Data of GDP in year 1992integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1993Data of GDP in year 1993integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1994Data of GDP in year 1994integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1995Data of GDP in year 1995integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1996Data of GDP in year 1996integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1997Data of GDP in year 1997integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1998Data of GDP in year 1998integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_1999Data of GDP in year 1999integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2000Data of GDP in year 2000integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2001Data of GDP in year 2001integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2002Data of GDP in year 2002integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2003Data of GDP in year 2003integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2004Data of GDP in year 2004integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2005Data of GDP in year 2005integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2006Data of GDP in year 2006integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2007Data of GDP in year 2007integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2008Data of GDP in year 2008integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2009Data of GDP in year 2009integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2010Data of GDP in year 2010integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2011Data of GDP in year 2011integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2012Data of GDP in year 2012integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2013Data of GDP in year 2013integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2014Data of GDP in year 2014integerlevel : Ratio
GDP_Year_2015Data of GDP in year 2015integerlevel : Ratio
Cook IslandsNew Zealand DollarChanges in inventories937594
TurkmenistanManatChanges in inventories2875481448041400278408013377340126435020161349740
EthiopiaEthiopian BirrChanges in inventories67038100002974760000057810023661188561478893722004
Saint LuciaEast Caribbean DollarChanges in inventories2391398252192332746813381720360933693295024873620
SudanSudanese PoundChanges in inventories369230000035951000003089200000-4330045240-11997-863782858-980150549
Czechoslovakia (Former)KorunaChanges in inventories-2766690884111324814053673172-4203295452-4217585121-2302134916
SwazilandLilangeniChanges in inventories199502850149233824741283644494796-2862577-7869273-6469303-18179557-22298412
South SudanSouth Sudanese PoundChanges in inventories42900000-386900000102000007400000166000001850000076700000103700000
GreenlandDanish KroneChanges in inventories-51000000-76000000-750000005000000-146000000103000000480000004500000053000000
DominicaEast Caribbean DollarChanges in inventories1639081265000018914801185000185487087494526124617568714443309794505968
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