General Medical Practitioners Currently Working in England and Wales

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This dataset comprises of General Medical Practitioners (GPs) currently working in England and Wales. It includes name and address information and identifying codes for General Practitioners working in England and Wales. These identifying codes are known as General National Codes (GNC).


The Organization Data Service (ODS) is provided by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). It is responsible for the publication of all organization and practitioner codes and national policy and standards with regard to the majority of organization codes, and encompasses the functionality and services previously provided by the National Administrative Codes Service (NACS).

These code standards form part of the NHS data standards. The HSCIC is also responsible for the day-to-day operation of the ODS and for its overall development.

Data for General Medical Practices, General Medical Practitioners (GPs), Prescribing Cost Centres and Dispensaries are supplied by the NHS Prescription Services and are used to facilitate their remit to remunerate dispensing contractors and provide the NHS with financial, prescribing and drug information.

The NHS Prescription Service use a number called the Doctor’s Index Number (DIN) (allocated by the Health and Social Care Information Centre when a doctor first applies to practice in the UK), to derive a GP’s first General National Codes(GNC); this is prefixed with a ‘G’ and suffixed with a check digit. Thereafter however, if a GP begins to work at further practices (i.e. is working within more than one simultaneously), the NHS Prescription Service allocate further codes not based on the DIN. A GP can therefore have multiple GNC codes, one for each practice he works at simultaneously. If a GP completely leaves a practice before joining a new one, and there is no overlap, then the current code will be retained and just the links within the data updated.

It should be noted that the NHS Prescription Service do not always close practices that are inactive; often a practice will be given a state of ‘Retired’ when it has no practitioners linked to it. This is to prevent unnecessary re-allocation of codes to the same practice, as it can be quite common for a practice to be unused for a short while before coming into use again. A status code of ‘P’ for ‘Proposed’ is also used where practices are included within the file prior to their opening. For these reasons, despite the file being described as containing current GP Practices, it can be important to take note of a record’s status.

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General Medical Practitioners (GPs), GP Practices, General Practitioner, General Practice Doctor, General Doctor, General Medical Practices, National Health Service (NHS), General National Codes (GNC), Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), National Administrative Codes Service (NACS)

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General Medical Practitioners Practicing in England and Wales, Current General Practitioners Working in England, List of Registered Medical Practitioners UK, Registered Medical Practitioner Definition UK

Organization_CodeAn eight digit alpha-numeric code that represents the organization.stringrequired : 1
Name_of_OrganizationIdentifies the name of the Health Center.stringrequired : 1
National_GroupingA three-digit alpha-numeric code that identifies the National Grouping of the specific Health Center.string-
High_Level_Health_GeographyA specific code that denotes the high-level health geography of a particular health center.stringrequired : 1
Address_Line1Main Address of the health center.string-
Address_Line2Secondary address of the health center.string-
Address_Line3Remaining part of the address where the health center is located.string-
Address_Line4Remaining part of the address where the health center is located.string-
Address_Line5Remaining part of the address where the health center is located.string-
Post_CodeThe postal code of the health center.string-
Open_DateThe opening date of the health
Close_DateThe closing date of the health
Status_CodeA single alphabetical code that depicts the current status of the health center.stringrequired : 1 enum : Array
Organization_Sub_Type_CodeA single alphabetical code that depicts whether the Principal/Senior GP at practice or not.stringrequired : 1 enum : Array
Parent_Organization_CodeA code for GP Practice this GP is linked to.stringrequired : 1
Joined_Parent_Organization_DateDate when the organization joined the parent organization.daterequired : 1
Left_Parent_Organization_DateDate when the organization left the parent
Contact_Telephone_NumberThe telephone number to contact the hospital.string-
Is_Record_AmendedIndicates whether the record is amended or not.booleanrequired : 1
Current_Care_Organization_CodeRefers to the Primary Care Organization for the General Medical Practitioners Current or latest GP Practice.string-
G3287497MEYRICK PVW00QW4GARTHABERSOCHGWYNEDD1974-04-01ActivePrincipal/Senior GP at practiceW940441989-11-071992-12-31false
G6076812MACEY LYAECASTEL HOSPITALCASTELGY5 7NJ2003-01-01ActivePrincipal/Senior GP at practiceGUE6472003-01-012005-03-31false
G6004660HUNT PWYAFVENELLE DU VAL DU SUDALDERNEY1990-01-01ActivePrincipal/Senior GP at practiceALD7001990-01-012004-08-18false
G8305686SMITH WMY01QDR122 ACOMB ROADYORKYO2 4EY1974-04-01ActivePrincipal/Senior GP at practiceB826261974-04-011992-01-10false
G3264892BEG MAY08QC6169 GERALD ROADSALFORDM6 6BL1974-04-01ActivePrincipal/Senior GP at practiceP876211974-04-011992-11-02false
G5006245BEVANS DYAD5 DONGOLA ROADST.HELIERJERSEY1990-01-01ActivePrincipal/Senior GP at practiceJER7771990-01-011998-12-31false
G3254778ODGERS PBY10QA325 KENSINGTON GATELONDONW81974-04-01ActivePrincipal/Senior GP at practiceE876831974-04-011991-04-01false
G2012496TOBIAS MY10QA31 SUSSEX GARDENSLONDONW2 2SE1974-04-01ActivePrincipal/Senior GP at practiceE876571974-04-011992-04-10false
G3276671HASAN MAY11QAF126 LUTON ROADCHATHAMME4 5AD1974-04-01ActivePrincipal/Senior GP at practiceG826421974-04-011991-08-01false
G3304013JACOBS EDY10QA457 CURZON ROADLONDONN10 2RB1974-04-01ActivePrincipal/Senior GP at practiceF856331974-04-011991-07-01false