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The Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) is a nationally representative household survey that was launched in February 2007 as a new component of the ongoing Global Tobacco Surveillance System (GTSS). The GATS enables countries to collect data on adult tobacco use and key tobacco control measures.


In 1998, WHO (World Health Organization), the United States of America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) began development of the Global Tobacco Surveillance System (GTSS). Results from the GATS assist countries in the formulation, tracking and implementation of effective tobacco control interventions, and countries are able to compare results of their survey with results from other countries.

The purpose of the GTSS is to enhance the capacity of countries to design, implement and evaluate their national comprehensive tobacco action plan and to monitor the key articles of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC).

The GTSS includes the collection of tobacco-specific data for both youths (13-15 years) and adults (15 years and older) through four surveys:

– The Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) focuses on youths aged 13-15 and collects information in schools.
– The Global School Professionals Survey (GSPS) surveys teachers and administrators from the same schools that participate in the GYTS.
– The Global Health Professions Students Survey (GHPSS) focuses on third-year students pursuing degrees in dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacology.
– The Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS), a household survey, monitors tobacco use among adults.

Topics covered in GATS:
– Tobacco use prevalence (smoking and smokeless tobacco products).
– Second-hand tobacco smoke exposure and policies.
– Cessation.
– Knowledge, attitudes and perceptions.
– Exposure to media.
– Economics.

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John Snow Labs; World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA);

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Other Titles

GATS Survey on Adult Tobacco Use in Middle-income Countries, Global Tobacco Surveillance System Adults Survey, GATS Survey for Tobacco Usage

Survey_YearYear in which the survey had been conducteddaterequired : 1
WHO_RegionGeographical regions covered by WHO for the surveystringrequired : 1
CountryThe country in which the survey was conductedstringrequired : 1
Survey_SiteThe site of surveystringrequired : 1
Mpower_Measure_TakenMeasures taken by MPOWER. These measures are intended to assist in the country-level implementation of effective interventions to reduce the demand for tobacco.stringrequired : 1
Mpower_Measure_CategoryCategory of MPOWER measure taken.stringrequired : 1
Indicator_IDID assigned to the indicatorstringrequired : 1
Indicator_DescriptionDescription of the indicatorstringrequired : 1
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GenderParticipant's Genderstring-
Residence_of_ParticipantResidential Ares of the participant, either rural or urban.string-
Data_ValueValue of the data collectednumberlevel : Ratio
Data_Value_FootnoteFootnote in case the data is not available or insufficient.string-
High_Confidence_IntervalA higher range of values for a measure constructed so that the range has a specified probability of including the true value of the measurenumberlevel : Ratio
Low_Confidence_IntervalA lower range of values for a measure constructed so that the range has a specified probability of including the true value of the measurenumberlevel : Ratio
Sample_Population_SizeSize of sample populationintegerlevel : Ratio
Region_AbbreviationAbbreviation of the Region in which the survey was conductedstringrequired : 1
Country_AbbreviationAbbreviation of the survey countrystringrequired : 1
Survey_Site_AbbreviationAbbreviation of the survey sitestringrequired : 1
Survey_Site_IDID assigned to the survey siteintegerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Participant_Age_IDID assigned to the age groups within the sample populationstring-
Participant_Gender_IDID assigned to the gender within the sample populationstring-
Participant_Residence_IDID assigned to the residential area of the sample populationstring-
Survey YearWHO RegionCountrySurvey SiteMpower Measure TakenMpower Measure CategoryIndicator IDIndicator DescriptionIndicator LevelAgeGenderResidence of ParticipantData ValueData Value FootnoteHigh Confidence IntervalLow Confidence IntervalSample Population SizeRegion AbbreviationCountry AbbreviationSurvey Site AbbreviationSurvey Site IDParticipant Residence IDMpower IDResponse IDLatitudeLongitude
2009South-East Asia RegionIndiaIndia - MizoramRaiseEconomicsQ182Percentage of manufactured cigarette smokers whose last cigarette purchase was from various sourcesKiosksTotal0.0263SEARININ031291A9901M06ILVL06220.59368478.96288
2009South-East Asia RegionIndiaIndia - MizoramEnforceMediaQ213Percentage of adults who have noticed advertisements or signs promoting bidis from various sources in the last 30 daysOn postersTotal0.00.00.01573SEARININ031291A9901M04ILVL07920.59368478.96288
2013African RegionCameroonCameroon - NationalMonitorTobacco UseQ165Percentage of adults who currently use smokeless tobaccoTotal3.04.02.05271AFRCMCM100346R9901M017.36972212.354722
2009South-East Asia RegionIndiaIndia - Uttar PradeshRaiseEconomicsQ205Percentage of bidi smokers whose last bidi purchase was from various sourcesDuty-free shopRural0.0341SEARININ036665R03M06ILVL04220.59368478.96288
2009Western Pacific RegionPhilippinesPhilippines - NationalMonitorTobacco UseQ150Percentage of adults who currently smoke tobacco45-6431.034.029.02360WPRRPRP100451A04M0112.879721121.77401699999999
2009South-East Asia RegionBangladeshBangladesh - NationalRaiseEconomicsQ182Percentage of manufactured cigarette smokers whose last cigarette purchase was from various sourcesVending machineTotalNo Data Available. Indicator was not included in survey.0SEARBGBG100327A9901M06ILVL10423.68499490.35633100000001
2009South-East Asia RegionIndiaIndia - AssamOfferCessationQ175Percentage of current tobacco smokers and recent quitters (<12 months), who visited a doctor or health care provider (HCP) during the past 12 months and were advised to quit smoking by the HCPMale33.041.026.0345SEARININ00332G01M0220.59368478.96288
2009Western Pacific RegionPhilippinesPhilippines - NationalMonitorTobacco UseQ150Percentage of adults who currently smoke tobacco65+
2010Western Pacific RegionChinaChina - NationalMonitorTobacco UseQ170Percentage of adults who currently do not use smokeless tobacco, and have never used smokeless tobacco on a daily basis in the pastNever user45-64100.0100.099.05001WPRCHCH1001475A04M01ILVL07035.86166104.195397
2009South-East Asia RegionIndiaIndia - OdishaMonitorTobacco UseQ168Percentage of adults who currently do not use smokeless tobaccoRural55.061.050.01531SEARININ021525R03M0120.59368478.96288