GP Practices Currently Followed and Prescribing Cost Centers

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This dataset comprises of General Practitioner (GP) Practices and the prescribed Cost Centres in England and Wales. It includes the name and address information and identifying codes for GP Practices in England and Wales.


The Organization Data Service (ODS) is provided by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). It is responsible for the publication of all organization and practitioner codes and national policy and standards with regard to the majority of organization codes, and encompasses the functionality and services previously provided by the National Administrative Codes Service (NACS).

These code standards form part of the NHS data standards. The HSCIC is also responsible for the day-to-day operation of the ODS and for its overall development.

Data for General Medical Practices, General Medical Practitioners, Prescribing Cost Centers and Dispensaries are supplied by the NHS Prescription Services and are used to facilitate their remit to remunerate dispensing contractors and provide the NHS with financial, prescribing and drug information.

It should be noted that the National Health Service (NHS) Prescription Service do not always close practices that are inactive; often a practice will be given a state of ‘Dormant’ when it has no practitioners linked to it. This is to prevent unnecessary re-allocation of codes to the same practice, as it can be quite common for a practice to be unused for a short while before coming into use again. A status code of ‘Proposed’ is also used where practices are included within the file prior to their opening. For these reasons, despite the file being described as containing current GP Practices, it can be important to take note of a record’s status.

There are a few instances where a Principal GP’s name is given as the name of a practice. This is to cater for situations where a number of practices are located in a single establishment (e.g. a Health Center), where each practice is then known by the Principal GP’s name.

Practices are provided with a Commissioner link to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Care Trust or Local Health Board in Wales that is responsible for their area. This is detailed in the Commissioner Org Code.

Users should be aware that there is more than one type of practice in the NHS Prescription Service data; in reality the NHS Prescription Service code prescribing cost centers as opposed to solely GP Practices. Those that offer Out of Hours services, operate as Walk-In Centres or are situated within the Justice Estate are identified with a type code as indicated below:
– 0 = Other
– 1 = WIC Practice
– 2 = OOH Practice
– 3 = WIC + OOH Practice
– 4 = GP Practice
– 8 = Public Health Service
– 9 = Community Health Service
– 10 = Hospital Service
– 11 = Optometry Service
– 12 = Urgent & Emergency Care
– 13 = Hospice
– 14 = Care Home / Nursing Home
– 15 = Border Force
– 16 = Young Offender Institution
– 17 = Secure Training Centre
– 18 = Secure Children’s Home
– 19 = Immigration Removal Centre
– 20 = Court
– 21 = Police Custody
– 22 = Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)
– 24 = Other – Justice Estate
– 25 = Prison

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England and Wales


John Snow Labs; Data.Gov.UK, (National Health Service, England NHS Digital);

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General Practitioners (GPs), GP Practices, Prescribing Cost Centres, General Medical Practices, National Health Service (NHS), Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), National Administrative Codes Service (NACS)

Other Titles

General Medical Practitioner Practices in England and Wales, Current GP Practices and Prescribing Cost Centres in England and Wales

Organization_CodeA six digit alpha-numeric code that represents the organization.stringrequired : 1
Health_Center_NameIdentifies the name of the Health Center.stringrequired : 1
National_GroupingA three-digit alpha-numeric code that identifies the National Grouping of the specific Health Center.string-
High_Level_Health_GeographyA specific code that denotes the high-level health geography of a particular health center.stringrequired : 1
Address_Line1Main Address of the health center.string-
Address_Line2Secondary address of the health center.string-
Address_Line3Remaining part of the address where the health center is locatedstring-
Address_Line4Remaining part of the address where the health center is locatedstring-
Address_Line5Remaining part of the address where the health center is locatedstring-
Post_CodeThe postal code of the health center.string-
Open_DateThe opening date of the health
Close_DateThe closing date of the health
Status_CodeA single alphabetical code that depicts the current status of the health center.stringrequired : 1 enum : Array
Organization_Sub_Type_CodeA single alphabetical code that depicts whether the health center is allocated to a Provider/Purchaser Organization or not.stringrequired : 1 enum : Array
Commissioner_CodeA code representing the commissioning organization.string-
Join_Provider_DateDate when the organization joined the providerdate-
Left_Provider_DateDate when the organization left the providerdate-
Contact_Telephone_NumberThe telephone number to contact the hospitalstring-
Is_Record_AmendedIndicates whether the record is amended or notbooleanrequired : 1 enum : Array
Provider_Or_Purchaser_CodeRefers to the provider or purchaser (e.g. National Health Service Litigation Authority (NHSLA), International Society of Hospitality Purchasers (ISHP), ISHP Site, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), NHS Trust)stringrequired : 1
Prescribing_SettingPrescribed setting for the health center.integerlevel : Ordinal
GUE647MACEY LYAECASTEL HOSPITALCASTELGY5 7NJ2003-01-012014-06-30ClosedNot allocated to a Provider/Purchaser OrganizationfalseYAE
GUE646TURNER PYAECASTEL HOSPITALCASTELGY5 7NJ2002-05-132014-06-30ClosedNot allocated to a Provider/Purchaser OrganizationfalseYAE
JER780CRILL DHYADTHE FARML'ETACQST.OUENJERSEY1990-01-012014-09-30ClosedNot allocated to a Provider/Purchaser OrganizationfalseYAD
JER781DODD AFYADBEECHFIELDTRINITYJERSEYJE3 5JU1990-01-012014-09-30ClosedNot allocated to a Provider/Purchaser OrganizationfalseYAD
GUE603DAFF JAYAEVARCLIN FARMST. MARTINSGUERNSEY1990-01-012014-06-30ClosedNot allocated to a Provider/Purchaser OrganizationfalseYAE
JER605HUGH JEYAD8 ELIZABETH PLACEST.HELIERJE2 3PN1990-01-012014-06-30ClosedNot allocated to a Provider/Purchaser OrganizationfalseYAD
JER760FULLERTON DSYAD56 DAVID PLACEST.HELIERJERSEY1990-01-012014-09-30ClosedNot allocated to a Provider/Purchaser OrganizationfalseYAD
JER783HOWELL DYADTHE WARRENCASTLE GREENGOREYJERSEY1990-01-012015-09-30ClosedNot allocated to a Provider/Purchaser OrganizationfalseYAD
A91048MEDICAL CENTREY54Q72HAMWORTHYPOOLEDORSETBH15 4NQ2010-10-01ActiveAllocated to a Provider/Purchaser Organization13Q2013-04-01false13Q
GUE997CASTEL & KING EDWARD V11 HOSPIYAECASTELGUERNSEY1990-01-012014-06-30ClosedNot allocated to a Provider/Purchaser OrganizationfalseYAE