HCRIS Hospice Cost Report 1999-2014

$179 / year

This dataset Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) contains cost and statistical data for free-standing Hospice providers. The dataset includes only the most precise version of each cost report from 1999 to 2014.


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has made a reasonable effort to ensure that the provided reports are up-to-date, accurate, complete, and comprehensive at the time of disclosure. This information reflects data as reported to the Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS). These reports are a true and accurate representation of the data on file at CMS. Authenticated information is only accurate as of the point in time of validation and verification. Derived conclusions and analysis generated from this data are not to be considered attributable to CMS or HCRIS.

Medicare-certified institutional providers are required to submit an annual cost report to a Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). The cost report contains provider information such as facility characteristics, utilization data, cost and charges by cost center (in total and for Medicare), Medicare settlement data, and financial statement data. CMS maintains the cost report data in the Healthcare Provider Cost Reporting Information System (HCRIS). HCRIS includes subsystems for the Hospital Cost Report (CMS-2552-96 and CMS-2552-10), Skilled Nursing Facility Cost Report (CMS-2540-96 and CMS-2540-10), Home Health Agency Cost Report (CMS-1728-94), Renal Facility Cost Report (CMS-265-94 and CMS-265-11), Health Clinic Cost Report (CMS-222-92), Hospice Cost Report (CMS-1984-99), Federally Qualified Health Clinic Cost Report (CMS-224-14) and Community Mental Health Center Cost Report (CMS-2088-92).

The data consists of every data element included in the HCRIS extract created for CMS by the providers’ Administrative Contractor.

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Cost Reports, Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC), Hospice Cost Reports, Patients Availing Hospice Service, Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS), Financial Statement Data, Utilization Data, Hospice Providers

Other Titles

Medicare Hospice Cost Report by HCRIS 1999-2014, Medicare Hospice Payment Data 1999-2014, Healthcare Cost Report Information System for Hospice Statistical Data

Report_Record_NumberHealthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) assigned cost report specific number.integerlevel : Nominal
Provider_Control_Type_CodeIndicates the type of ownership from Table 3A of Specifications.integerlevel : Nominal
Provider_NumberValid Provider Number defined as follows: xxyyyy where xx = State Code and yyyy = Assigned Provider Range.integerlevel : Nominal
Report_StatusIndicates the type of cost report.string-
Fiscal_Year_Begin_DateIndicates the Cost Report Fiscal Year beginning date.date-
Fiscal_Year_End_DateIndicates the Cost Report Fiscal Year ending date.date-
Process_DateThe date the cost report was processed into HCRIS.date-
Is_Initial_Report_SwitchIndicates the first cost report filed for this provider.boolean-
Is_Last_Report_SwitchIndicates the final cost report filed for this provider.boolean-
Transmittal_NumberTransmittal Number or transmittal version used to create the cost report.integerlevel : Nominal
Fiscal_Intermediary_NumberFiscal Intermediary Number in effect at the time of cost report filing.integerlevel : Nominal
Automated_Desk_Review_Vendor_CodeIndicates the Vendor for Fiscal Intermediary.string-
Fiscal_Intermediary_Create_DateDate the Fiscal Intermediary created the HCRIS file.date-
Utilization_LevelIndicates the level of Medicare utilization of filed cost report.string-
Notice_of_Program_Reimbursement_DateDate Provider received Notice of Program Reimbursement (NPR).date-
Fiscal_Intermediary_Receipt_DateDate cost report was received by Fiscal Intermediary.date-
159434111572As Submitted2006-05-292006-08-072007-06-29true4450B012007-06-15
159444111578As Submitted2006-01-012006-12-312007-06-29false4450B012007-05-09
159454111579As Submitted2006-06-012006-12-312007-06-29false4450B012007-05-18
159464111580As Submitted2006-06-012006-12-312007-06-29false4450B012007-05-18
159474111608As Submitted2006-06-012006-12-312007-06-29false4450B012007-05-09
159484111623As Submitted2006-06-012006-12-312007-06-29false4450B012007-05-18
159494151515As Submitted2006-06-012006-12-312007-06-29false4450B012007-05-18
159504151532As Submitted2006-06-012006-12-312007-06-29false4450B012007-05-22
159514251589As Submitted2006-06-012006-12-312007-06-29false4450B012007-05-25
159524341507As Submitted2006-06-012006-12-312007-06-29false4450B012007-05-21