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Health Insurance Provider Network PUF

This dataset shows the issuer-level data identifying provider network URLs by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) is releasing the State-Based Marketplace (SBM) PUF (Public Use Files) in order to improve the transparency and increase access to the SBM data. The SBM PUF includes data on Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) and Stand-alone Dental Plans (SADPs) offered in states which operate their own Marketplaces that do not rely on the federal information technology platform for QHP eligibility and enrollment functionality. This includes states which operate their own Small Business Health Options Programs (SHOP).

The Network PUF (Ntwrk-PUF) is one of the six files that make up the state-based Marketplace Public Use Files (SBM PUF). The Ntwrk-PUF contains issuer level data identifying provider network URLs. These data originate from the Network ID template (i.e., template field), an Excel-based form used by issuers to describe their plans in the QHP/SADP application process, and were provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) by extracting the information from their System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing (SERFF).

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United States


John Snow Labs; Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services;

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Health Insurance, Insurance Marketplace, Network PUF, Insurance Rate Review, Insurance Rate Increase, Insurance Market Competition, Health Benefits, Benefits and Cost Sharing PUF, Exchange PUFs

Other Titles

Health Insurance Exchange Public Use Files, Qualified Health Plan Network PUF

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
State_AbbreviationTwo-character state abbreviation indicating the state where the plan is offeredstring-
Issuer_IDFive-digit numeric code that identifies the issuer organization in the Health Insurance Oversight System (HIOS)integerlevel : Nominal
Source_NameCategorical identifier of source of data importstring-
Import_DateDate when data was importeddatetime-
Network_NameName of a healthcare provider networkstring-
Network_IDIdentifier for a healthcare provider networkstring-
Network_URLThe URL of the network's provider directorystring-
Market_CoverageCategorical indicator of market coverage of plansstring-
Is_Dental_Only_PlanCategorical indicator of dental-only status of plansboolean-

Data Preview

State AbbreviationIssuer IDSource NameImport DateNetwork NameNetwork IDNetwork URLMarket CoverageIs Dental Only Plan
AK21989HIOS2020-07-31T03:20:18Delta Dental PremierAKN001https://www.modahealth.com/ProviderSearch?productCategory=dental&selectedNetwork=DeltaDentalPremier&state=AKIndividualTrue
AK21989HIOS2020-07-31T03:20:18Delta Dental PremierAKN001https://www.modahealth.com/ProviderSearch?productCategory=dental&selectedNetwork=DeltaDentalPremier&state=AKSHOP (Small Group)True
AK21989HIOS2020-07-31T03:20:18Delta Dental PPOAKN002https://www.modahealth.com/ProviderSearch?productCategory=dental&selectedNetwork=DeltaDentalPPO&state=AKIndividualTrue
AK21989HIOS2020-07-31T03:20:18Delta Dental PPOAKN002https://www.modahealth.com/ProviderSearch?productCategory=dental&selectedNetwork=DeltaDentalPPO&state=AKSHOP (Small Group)True
AK38344HIOS2021-02-12T03:15:36Legacy and Dental SelectAKN001https://premera.sapphirecareselect.com/?ci=premeraak&network_id=81IndividualFalse
AK74819HIOS2020-08-22T03:22:53BEST Life and Health National NetworkAKN001http://www.bestlife.com/Provider_Search/IndividualTrue
AL12538HIOS2020-08-06T03:20:17BEST Life and Health National NetworkALN001http://www.bestlife.com/Provider_Search/IndividualTrue
AL17540HIOS2020-05-20T03:20:22DentalGuard Preferred - IndividualALN001https://dentalexchange.guardiandirect.com/secure/PAWEBSITE.PROVIDER.UI/WBSPrvNewSearch.aspxIndividualTrue
AL18239HIOS2021-01-05T03:20:30AL PPO NetworkALN001http://hixfadal.dentalcareplus.comIndividualTrue