• Health Insurance Market Place
  • Health Literacy Census Tracts
  • Healthcare Accesibility of Minority Population


  • Census Tracts
  • Access To Healthcare
  • Health Insurance Rates
  • Insurance Marketplace
  • Insurance Rate Review
  • Minority Population
  • Health Literacy
  • Healthcare Addressability
  • Medicare Part D Plans
  • Account reconciliation

Health Insurance Plan Payments Data Package

$5,996.50 $3,319 / YEAR

Healthcare coverage status of adults in New York state, Health insurance minorities and low english level by census tract , Health insurance single parent and disability by census tracts, Health insurance and socioeconomic status by census tracts, Medicare Part B, Part D drug cost and utilization data, Medicare Part D plan reconciliation contract, Medicare Part D plan reconciliation parent organization, Medicare plan payment Part C county & plan level, Medicare plan payment Part D. Health insurance plans Unified Rate Review, Health insurance rate by plan level age tobacco use and location; Information on Medicare FFS claims that underwent Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) medical review.

Useful in assessing the impact of these socioeconomic variables on the access to healthcare services and on the population health status. Help inform geographical areas for targeted outreach efforts to find and assist individuals who may see an increase in their cost-sharing while qualifying for the Low-Income Subsidy.
1. Active Third Party Administrators in Iowa ($179)
2. Health Care Coverage Of Adults In New York State ($179)
3. Health Insurance Business Rules PUF ($179)
4. Health Insurance Minorities and Low English Level by Tracts 2010-2014 ($179)
5. Health Insurance Plan ID Crosswalk PUF ($179)
6. Health Insurance Plan Level Individual Rates PUF ($716)
7. Health Insurance Plans Unified Rate Review PUF ($447.5)
8. Health Insurance Provider Network PUF ($179)
9. Health Insurance Service Area PUF ($179)
10. Health Insurance Single Parent and Disability by Tracts 2010-2014 ($179)
11. Health Insurance Transparency in Coverage PUF ($179)
12. Health Insurance and Socioeconomic Status by Census Tracts 2010-2014 ($179)
13. Insurance Producers Licensed in Iowa ($179)
14. Medicare Comprehensive Error Rate Testing Improper Payment Data ($447.5)
15. Medicare Part B Drug Cost and Utilization Data ($179)
16. Medicare Part C Plan Payment County Level ($179)
17. Medicare Part C Plan Payment ($179)
18. Medicare Part D Drug Cost and Utilization Data ($179)
19. Medicare Part D Plan Payment ($179)
20. Medicare Part D Plan Reconciliation Contract ($179)
21. Medicare Part D Plan Reconciliation Parent Organization ($179)
22. Notice List of Beneficiaries Who Chose Premium Plan For 2012 ($179)
23. Qualified Health Plans in Market ($447.5)
24. Quality Dental Plans in Market ($179)
25. Total Effectuated Enrollment and Financial Assistance by State ($179)
26. Washington Dental Loss Ratios ($179)