Health Professionals And Assistants Job Salaries

$179 / year

This occupational wage dataset is based on Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey that captures 52,000 businesses. This particular dataset is on healthcare practitioners, technical occupation and healthcare support occupation. The other data set in this series include healthcare support occupations.


Employment and job salary data by occupation are based on the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey, which collects information from approximately 52,000 businesses. Data were collected in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and then updated to the first quarter of 2015 by making cost-of-living adjustments. These estimated wages reflect a minimum wage of $8.75 per hour, which was the minimum wage in effect at the time the estimates were prepared. Occupational employment and wages are presented for New York State and labor market regions.

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New York, United States


John Snow Labs; New York State Department of Labor;

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Healthcare Provider, Care Providers, Health Practitioner, Health Professionals, Medical Practitioner, Healthcare Assistants, Job Salaries

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Physician Compensation, Healthcare Professional Pay, Healthcare Practitioner Income, Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations, Healthcare Assistants Compensation, Healthcare Assistants Pay, Healthcare Support Occupations

SOC_CodeOffice of Management and Budget’s Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) systemstring-
Job_CategoryJob category of health professional or healthcare assistantstring-
TitleProfessional Titlestring-
EmploymentNumber of people employed under this profession titleintegerlevel : Ratio
MeanMean wagestring-
MedianThe median of the wagesstring-
EntryThe entry wage is the mean (average) of the bottom third of wages in an occupation.string-
ExperiencedThe experienced wage is the mean (average) of the top two-thirds of wages in an occupation.string-
29-1067Health professionalSurgeons2380221920187200119230
31-1015Health assistantOrderlies498033040331702222038460
31-9097Health assistantPhlebotomists505038610376602802043910
31-9095Health assistantPharmacy Aides257027490252501914031660
29-1181Health professionalAudiologists870992808487060010118910
29-1011Health professionalChiropractors146085140752605891098250
29-1081Health professionalPodiatrists85014109012424084310169490
29-1161Health professionalNurse Midwives450988209957079100108680
29-9092Health professionalGenetic Counselors78290765505414090360
31-1013Health assistantPsychiatric Aides649040850417503117045700