HECM Single Family Portfolio Snapshot

$179 / year

This dataset shows the HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) Single Family Portfolio Snapshot. The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) reverse mortgage program which enables families to withdraw some of the equity in their homes.


The Federal Housing Administration’s HECM program is the only government-insured reverse mortgage program. The HECM program guarantees that the lender will meet its payment obligations to the homeowner, limits the borrower’s loan origination costs and ensures full repayment of the loan balance to the lender up to the maximum claim amount. Families can choose how they want to withdraw their funds, whether in a fixed monthly amount or a line of credit or a combination of both.

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Home Equity Conversion Mortgage 2017, Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Date 2017

State_AbbreviationThe official alphabetic 2-character US Postal Service state abbreviation for the property local associated with an FHA Mortgage Insurance application.string-
CountryCurrent County Name, blank if address does not geocode using Census 2000.string-
CityCity in which the insured property is located.string-
Zip_CodePostal zip code where the property is located.integerlevel : Nominal
Originating_Mortgagee_SponsorName of the originating lender.string-
Originating_Mortgagee_NumberIdentifies the parent company of the lender that originated the loan. This 5-digit number remains unchanged even after the loan has been sold a number of timesintegerlevel : Nominal
Sponsor_NameMortgagee sponsoring the loan or mortgage for the originator. Sponsor Mortgagee underwrites the loan and decides whether the borrower represents an acceptable credit risk for HUD.string-
Sponsor_NumberThe 5-digit lender identification number of the parent company which is the sponsoring financial institution with direct endorsement approval.integerlevel : Nominal
Current_Servicer_IDService Identification Numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Previous_ServicerPrevious Service Identification Numberintegerlevel : Nominal
HECM_TypeType of Home Equity Conversion Mortgagestring-
Rate_TypeRate Type (Adjustable, Fix)string-
Interest_RateThe Interest rate charged annually by the mortgagee, in accordance with the mortgage note of deed of trust note Rate is established at the time of Firm Commitment.numberlevel : Ratio
Initial_Principal_LimitThe initial principal limit established on the loan at closing. It is the present value of loan proceeds that are available to the borrower.integerlevel : Ratio
Maximum_Claim_AmountThe maximum claim amount insured for each loan.integerlevel : Ratio
NCWAKECARY27511RESOLUTE BANK717100006Hecm for RefinanceAdjustable4.675174782281000
CASOLANODIXON95620RESOLUTE BANK717100006Hecm for RefinanceAdjustable4.712250929441000
IDBONNERSAGLE83860RESOLUTE BANK711142500001Hecm TraditionalAdjustable4.452362880630000
NCGASTONGASTONIA28056RESOLUTE BANK717100006Hecm for RefinanceAdjustable4.52573970130000
COARAPAHOEAURORA80012RESOLUTE BANK717100006Hecm for RefinanceAdjustable4.525197780290000
GAWHITFIELDDALTON30721FIRSTBANK495374953700015Hecm TraditionalAdjustable4.44569960132000
RINEWPORTTIVERTON2878FIRSTBANK495374953700015Hecm TraditionalAdjustable4.657328890636150
OHCUYAHOGAPARMA44134RESOLUTE BANK711142500001Hecm for RefinanceAdjustable4.60279820130000
PACHESTERPAOLI19301RESOLUTE BANK711142500001Hecm for RefinanceAdjustable3.732277503397000
DEKENTDOVER19904M AND T BANK7586411425000017586400071Hecm for PurchaseFixed4.5159000300000