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This dataset contains a list of hospice agencies with data on their scores on the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) Hospice Survey measures. It includes information about hospice agencies such as an address, phone number, CMS region data and different Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Regions they belong to. This dataset also contains data regarding the corresponding scores against each of the measures for quality of patient care.


Hospice Provider Data works with many of the Medicare and Medi-Cal Certified Hospice Agencies in the San Francisco area, and is surveyed by agencies of the state and federal governments, and by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal agency that runs the Medicare program, created Hospice Compare in collaboration with organizations representing people with Medicare, hospice organizations, other stakeholders, and other federal agencies.

Hospice offers specialized care and support to individuals, their families, and caregivers during an advanced illness. The focus of hospice is on comfort and quality of life, rather than cure. Hospice can be provided wherever the individual lives. Hospice agencies most often provide services where people live, whether it’s at home, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. Sometimes the hospice team will determine that an individual needs short-term inpatient or respite care services. Hospice compare enables different individuals to find hospices that serve in their area and compare them based on the quality of care they provide.

The quality of care that hospices provide to patients and families can vary. Hospice Compare reports information on hospices across the nation and allows patients, family members, and health care providers to get a snapshot of the quality of care each hospice provides. People can compare hospices based on important indicators of quality, like the percentage of patients checked for pain or who are asked about their preferences for life-sustaining treatment.

The information on Hospice Compare should be used with other information one gathers about hospices in their area. In addition to reviewing the information on Hospice Compare, individuals are also encouraged to talk to their doctor, social worker, or other health care providers when choosing a hospice.

The CMS region is the region where the hospice is located. Below is a key to the location of the regional offices and the states covered by each CMS region:
– 1 = Boston: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
– 2 = New York: New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
– 3 = Philadelphia: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia
– 4 = Atlanta: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
– 5 = Chicago: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin
– 6 = Dallas: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
– 7 = Kansas City: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska
– 8 = Denver: Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming
– 9 = San Francisco: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Territories
– 10 = Seattle: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington

The measure code consists of the CMS ID (prefix) and the variable name (suffix) for the corresponding measure score. The following are the specific descriptions against several measure codes used in this dataset:
– HC_001_01 = Communication with family
– HC_002_01 = Getting timely help
– HC_003_01 = Treating patient with respect
– HC_004_01 = Emotional and spiritual support
– HC_005_01 = Help for pain and symptoms
– HC_006_01 = Training family to care for patient
– HC_007_01 = Rating of this hospice
– HC_008_01 = Willing to recommend this hospice

The measure names for the corresponding measure codes are described as follows:
– Communication with family = NQF#2651, CMS ID: HC_001.01
– Getting timely help = NQF#2651, CMS ID: HC_002.01
– Treating patient with respect = NQF#2651, CMS ID: HC_003.01
– Emotional and spiritual support = NQF#2651, CMS ID: HC_004.01
– Help for pain and symptoms = NQF#2651, CMS ID: HC_005.01
– Training family to care for patient = NQF#2651, CMS ID: HC_006.01
– Rating of this hospice = NQF#2651, CMS ID: HC_007.01
– Willing to recommend this hospice = NQF#2651, CMS ID: HC_008.01

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2016-04-01 to 2018-03-31

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Other Titles

CAHPS Survey Data Regarding Hospice Measures, Hospices Quality of Care Comparison, Provider Data Regarding Hospice Agencies

CMS_Certification_Number_CCNCMS certification number (CCN). Identification number of the hospice within the CMS dataset. The CCN for providers and suppliers is a 6 digit number. The first 2 digits identify the State in which the provider is located. The last 4 digits identify the type of facility.integerlevel : Nominal
Facility_NameName of the hospice facility (also referred to as the provider).string-
AddressIt includes the main street address information of the hospice facility.string-
CityThe name of the city where the hospice is located.string-
State_AbbreviationThe two-character postal code used to identify the state where the hospice is located.string-
Zip_CodeThe five-digit postal zip code where the hospice is located.integerlevel : Nominal
County_NameThe name of the county where the hospice is located.string-
Phone_NumberThe ten-digit telephone number of the hospice. The format is (xxx) yyy-zzzz where xxx=area code, yyy=central office code, and zzzz=line number.string-
CMS_RegionIndicates the Regional Offices of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS Regional Offices are the agency’s state and local presence. Regional field staff work closely with beneficiaries, health care providers, state governments, CMS contractors, community groups and others to provide education and address questions. There are ten regions that provide health care services in their respective areas.integerlevel : Nominal enum : Array
Measure_CodeThe measure code consists of the CMS ID (prefix) and the variable name (suffix) for the corresponding measure score.string-
Measure_NameIt includes the measure name for the corresponding measure code.string-
ScoreIt refers to the measure score for the corresponding measure code and name.integerlevel : Ratio
FootnoteIt includes the relevant footnotes for different hospice agencies.string-
LatitudeIdentifies the geographical location Latitude.number-
LongitudeIdentifies the geographical location Longitude.number-
CMS Certification Number CCNFacility NameAddressCityState AbbreviationZip CodeCounty NamePhone NumberCMS RegionMeasure CodeMeasure NameScoreFootnoteLatitudeLongitude
121504HOSPICE MAUI400 MAHALANI STREETWAILUKUHI96793Maui(808) 244-55559RECOMMEND_TBVYES, they would definitely recommend the hospice95.020.883003-156.490874
741668AT HOME HEALTH CARE HOSPICE INC9800 CENTRE PKWY, STE. 270HOUSTONTX77036Harris(832) 538-09736EMO_REL_MBV11.029.675179999999997-95.55131999999999
341517HOSPICE OF IREDELL COUNTY2347 SIMONTON ROADSTATESVILLENC28625Iredell(704) 873-47194TEAM_COMM_TBVThe hospice team always communicated well86.035.806166-80.84656899999999
361570HOSPICE OF MORROW COUNTY, INC228 SOUTH STREETMOUNT GILEADOH43338Morrow(419) 946-98225TIMELY_CARE_TBVThe hospice team always provided timely help88.040.546501-82.833815
361582PROMEDICA HOSPICE5855 MONROE STREETSYLVANIAOH43560Lucas(419) 824-74005EMO_REL_MBV41.713352-83.683153
391751HOLISTICARE HOSPICE, LLC985 KROMER AVENUEBERWYNPA19312Chester(610) 995-01003TRAINING_BBVThey did not receive the training they needed24.0
391661ASERACARE HOSPICE1600 PENINSULA DRIVE SUITE 14ERIEPA16505Erie(814) 836-52553EMO_REL_MBV42.096507-80.14349
261535VNA HOSPICEPO BOX 768KENNETTMO63857Dunklin(573) 888-58927RECOMMEND_MBVYES, they would probably recommend the hospice6.0
131520HORIZON HOSPICE63 W WILLOWBROOK DRMERIDIANID83642Ada(208) 888-787710RATING_MBVCaregivers rated the hospice agency a 7 or 820.043.62357-116.394791