Hospital Medicare Cost Report Alpha Data

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The Healthcare Provider Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) contains annual reports submitted by Medicare-certified institutional providers to Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC). This dataset contains all alpha data reported on a cost report such as hospital name, address, dates, and questions that require a ‘yes’ response.


The entire dataset of HCRIS Cost Report data is submitted to Healthcare Provider Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) by Fiscal Intermediary(FI)/ Medicare Contractor (MAC) on behalf of a provider. The Hospital Medicare Cost Report table is the parent of the other tables and contains the unique primary key field Report_Record_Number. The field Report_Record_Number is a foreign key in the other tables. That is, all data in all tables are related by the value of the field Report_Record_Number.

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John Snow Labs; Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services;

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Other Titles

Medicare Provider Cost Record 2014-2017, Medicare Hospital Cost Report Data 2014-2017, CMS Report Hospital Medicare Cost Alpha Data 2014-2017, Hospital Medicare Report Alpha Data 2014-2017

YearYear of datadate-
Report_Record_NumberHCRIS assigned cost report specific number (Foreign Key)integerlevel : Nominal
Worksheet_IdentifierValid worksheets are defined for each subsystem in other documentationstring-
Line_NumberValid Line Number defined as follows: xxxyy where xxx = Line Number and yy = Sub-Line Numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Column_NumberValid Column Number defined as follows: xxxyy where xxx = Column Number and yy = Sub-Column Numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Alphanumeric_Item_TextProvider reported alpha datastring-
YearReport Record NumberWorksheet IdentifierLine NumberColumn NumberAlphanumeric Item Text
2014534105A000000100000100CAP REL COSTS-BLDG & FIXT
2014534105A000000200000200CAP REL COSTS-MVBLE EQUIP
2014534105A000000300000300OTHER CAP REL COSTS
2014534105A000000400000400EMPLOYEE BENEFITS DEPARTMENT
2014534105A000000500000500ADMINISTRATIVE & GENERAL
2014534105A000000700000700OPERATION OF PLANT
2014534105A000000800000800LAUNDRY & LINEN SERVICE