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ICD-10 CM Codes Categorized as Complication or Comorbidity or Major CC

The dataset contains a list of all of the codes that are defined as either a complication or comorbidity (CC) or a major complication or comorbidity (MCC) when used as a secondary diagnosis. If the CC or MCC is allowed with all principal diagnoses, then the phrase NoExcl follows the CC/MCC indicator. Otherwise, a link is given to a collection of diagnosis codes which, when used as the principal diagnosis, will cause the CC or MCC to be considered as only a non CC.

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The MS-DRG System: The MS-DRGs range from 001-999, with many unused numbers to accommodate future MS-DRG expansion.
One MS-DRG is assigned to each inpatient stay. The MS-DRGs are assigned using the principal diagnosis and additional diagnoses, the principal procedure and additional procedures, sex and discharge status. Diagnoses and procedures assigned by using ICD-10-CM codes determine the MS-DRG assignment. Accurate and complete ICD-10-CM coding by HIM professionals is essential for correct MS-DRG assignment and subsequent reimbursement.

In the MS-DRG system, many DRGs are split into one, two or three MS-DRGs based on whether any one of the secondary diagnoses has been categorized as an MCC, a CC or no CC.

Example of MS-DRGs with a three way split include:
MS-DRG 539, Osteomyelitis with MCC
MS-DRG 540, Osteomyelitis with CC
MS-DRG 541, Osteomyelitis without CC/MCC

MCC/CC List: Under MS-DRGs, CMS identified those diagnoses whose presence as a secondary diagnosis leads to substantially increased hospital resource use. They then categorized this list into two different levels of severity as follows:
Major complications or comorbidities (MCCs) reflect the highest level of severity
CCs represent the next level of severity.

Some MCCs and CCs are excluded because they are too closely related to the principal diagnoses. This is called the CC Exclusion List and identifies conditions that will not be considered a CC or MCC for a given principal diagnosis. For example, primary cardiomyopathy (425.4) is not a CC for congestive heart failure (428.0).

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Other Titles

ICD-10-CM as CC or MCC, ICD-10-CM as CC or MCC Code Book, ICD-10-CM Manual as CC or MCC

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Primary_Diagnosis_Codes_CollectionCollection of Primary Diagnosis Codes categoried as CC or MCCstring-
ICD_10_CM_CodesICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codesstringrequired : 1
ICD_10_CM_Codes_DescriptionDescription of ICD Codesstring-

Data Preview

Primary Diagnosis Codes CollectionICD 10 CM CodesICD 10 CM Codes Description
PDX Collection 0002A000Cholera due to Vibrio cholerae 01, biovar cholerae
PDX Collection 0002A001Cholera due to Vibrio cholerae 01, biovar eltor
PDX Collection 0002A009Cholera, unspecified
PDX Collection 0003A0100Typhoid fever, unspecified
PDX Collection 0003A0101Typhoid meningitis
PDX Collection 0003A0102Typhoid fever with heart involvement
PDX Collection 0003A0103Typhoid pneumonia
PDX Collection 0003A0104Typhoid arthritis
PDX Collection 0003A0105Typhoid osteomyelitis
PDX Collection 0003A0109Typhoid fever with other complications