Inpatient and Daycase Activity Cross Boundary Flow

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This dataset includes a list of locations for health board of treatment/residence, hospital and council area and the number of stays and episodes for inpatient and day case activity for acute hospital care services. Cross boundary flow shows the relationship between where patients live and where they are treated.


The quarterly acute hospital activity publication provides data on outpatient activity, inpatient and day case activity and beds for National Health Service (NHS) Scotland. This data release covers the period from the quarter ending March 2013 to the quarter ending March 2018. The aim of this dataset is to summarize the completeness of the data used in the publication and provide details of known issues with national data affecting this release. NHS Ayrshire & Arran has suggested that there may be some affected records before January 2016. The Board is used to implement a change to ensure that no additional records are generated when patients are transferred to discharge lounges, which should take place in the near future. The data used NHS Ayrshire & Arran also suggested that the decreases in elective inpatient admissions can be attributed to winter pressures:

NHS Borders: Decreases were observed in elective inpatient admissions, whilst increases were seen in internal transfer activity. NHS Borders has suggested that inpatients falls are in General Surgery and Orthopaedics .
NHS Dumfries & Galloway: Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary (Y104H) moved location in December 2017, and inpatient and day case (SMR01) episodes are now recorded under a new code Y146H.
NHS Fife: Decreases were observed in elective inpatient admissions and day cases. Internal transfer activity has increased.
NHS Forth Valley: Decreases were seen in elective inpatient admissions and day cases.
NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde: Decreases in elective and emergency inpatient admissions, and day cases whilst internal transfer activity increased. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have advised that their backlog of SMR01s / completeness levels will be impacting on their submitted data / activity.
NHS Highland: Decreases in elective inpatient admissions and internal transfers whilst day case activity increased. NHS Highland has suggested that the increases in day cases are due to the way in which Ambulatory Emergency Care patients are now reported in SMR01.
NHS Lanarkshire: Decreases in elective admissions and day case activity.
NHS Lothian: Increases were observed in internal transfers. NHS Lothian has observed at the source records for some of these internal transfer patients in Trakcare and identified admission records which are not being included when submitted to Information Services Division (ISD).
NHS Orkney: Increases in elective admissions, emergency admissions and day cases.
NHS Shetland: Decreases in all inpatient and day case activity elective admissions, emergency admissions and day cases.
NHS Tayside: Decreases in elective inpatient admissions and day case activity.
NHS Western Isles: Increases in elective and emergency admissions whilst declines were witnessed in day case and transfer activity.
Golden Jubilee: Decreases were observed in elective and emergency admissions. However, it should be noted that any changes are based on relatively small numbers which will impact on the percentage change.

Cross boundary flow section allows to see where patients in each NHS Board are treated and where they come from. This data has been used to assess the performance of these services, to plan for future needs, to look at quality improvement, to see how services are changing over time and many other uses. There were just under 250,000 (249,503) hospital admissions from 1 January to 31 March 2018. Of these, 47% (118,372) were emergency admissions; 12% (29,259) elective admissions; 40% (99,415) day cases and 1% (2,457) transfers.

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1st October 2013 to 30th September 2019

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Acute Hospital Care Performance Measures Comparison for Inpatient and Daycase Activity, Acute Hospitals' Quality of Care Comparison for Inpatient Cross Boundary Flow, Hospital Admissions Activity Measured in Terms of Stays and Episodes

Health_Board_Treatment_Current_CodeIdentifies the health board of treatment code.string-
Health_Board_Treatment_NameIndicates the health board of treatment name.string-
Health_Board_Residence_Current_CodeIndicates the health board of residence code.string-
Health_Board_Residence_NameIndicates the health board of residence name.string-
Quarter_DateIndicates the final date of the
Quarter_CoverageIndicates the quarter period in text format.string-
EpisodesIndicates the number of episodes.integerlevel : Ratio
StaysIndicates the number of stays.integerlevel : Ratio
Is_Boundary_IndicatorIndicates whether the health board of treatment is the same as the health board of residence.boolean-
Health Board Treatment Current CodeHealth Board Treatment NameHealth Board Residence Current CodeHealth Board Residence NameQuarter DateQuarter CoverageEpisodesStaysIs Boundary Indicator
S08000015NHS Ayrshire & ArranRA2701Other2013-12-31Oct - Dec-1342True
S08000015NHS Ayrshire & ArranRA2701Other2014-03-31Jan - Mar-1433True
S08000015NHS Ayrshire & ArranRA2701Other2014-06-30Apr - Jun-1465True
S08000015NHS Ayrshire & ArranRA2701Other2014-09-30Jul - Sep-1455True
S08000015NHS Ayrshire & ArranRA2701Other2014-12-31Oct - Dec-1441True
S08000015NHS Ayrshire & ArranRA2701Other2015-03-31Jan - Mar-1575True
S08000015NHS Ayrshire & ArranRA2701Other2015-06-30Apr - Jun-1565True
S08000015NHS Ayrshire & ArranRA2701Other2015-09-30Jul - Sep-1532True
S08000015NHS Ayrshire & ArranRA2701Other2015-12-31Oct - Dec-1597True
S08000015NHS Ayrshire & ArranRA2701Other2016-03-31Jan - Mar-1698True