Inpatient Utilization and Payment Data 2014

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The dataset include hospital-specific charges for U.S. hospitals that receive Medicare Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) payments for 2014 for discharges paid under Medicare based on a rate per discharge using the Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related Group (MS-DRG).


Hospitals determine what they will charge for items and services provided to patients and these charges are the amount the hospital bills for an item or service. The Total Payment amount includes the MS-DRG amount, bill total per diem, beneficiary primary payer claim payment amount, beneficiary Part A coinsurance amount, beneficiary deductible amount, beneficiary blood deducible amount and DRG outlier amount. Average charges, average total payments, and average Medicare payments are calculated at the individual hospital level. The amount charged by individual hospitals within local markets, and nationwide, for services that might be furnished in connection with a particular inpatient stay can be compared.

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Medicare Inpatient Utilization and Payment Data 2014, Medicare Inpatient Charges Data 2014

DRG_DefinitionDiagnosis realted group definition, The code and description identifying the MS-DRG. MS-DRGs are a classification system that groups similar clinical conditions (diagnoses) and the procedures furnished by the hospital during the stay.stringmaxLength : 74
Provider_IdProvider identification, The CMS Certification Number (CCN) assigned to the Medicare certified hospital facilityintegerlevel : Nominal
Provider_NameName of providerstringmaxLength : 50
Provider_Street_AddressStreet address of the providerstringmaxLength : 44
Provider_CityCity of the providerstringmaxLength : 20
Provider_StateState of the provierstringmaxLength : 2
Provider_Zip_CodeZipcode of the provider regionintegerlevel : Nominal
Provider_HRRHospital referral region location of the providerstringmaxLength : 31
Total_DischargesNumber of total discharges billed by the provider for inpatient hospital servicesnumberlevel : Ratio
Average_Covered_ChargesThe provider's average charge for services covered by Medicare for all discharges in the MS-DRG. These will vary from hospital to hospital because of differences in hospital charge structures.numberlevel : Ratio
Average_Total_PaymentsThe average total payments to all providers for the MS-DRG including the MSDRG amount, teaching, disproportionate share, capital, and outlier payments for all cases. Also included in average total payments are co-payment and deductible amounts that the patient is responsible for and any additional payments by third parties for coordination of benefits.numberlevel : Ratio
Average_Medicare_PaymentsThe average amount that Medicare pays to the provider for Medicare's share of the MS-DRG. Average Medicare payment amounts include the MS-DRG amount, teaching, disproportionate share, capital, and outlier payments for all cases. Medicare payments DO NOT include beneficiary co-payments and deductible amounts nor any additional payments from third parties for coordination of benefits.numberlevel : Ratio
313 - CHEST PAIN390063UPMC HAMOT201 STATE STREETERIEPA16550PA - Erie4024292.54391.73394.3
864 - FEVER100006ORLANDO HEALTH1414 KUHL AVEORLANDOFL32806FL - Orlando2331498.77658.36776.1
638 - DIABETES W CC390063UPMC HAMOT201 STATE STREETERIEPA16550PA - Erie2133143.55730.74355.3
100 - SEIZURES W MCC390063UPMC HAMOT201 STATE STREETERIEPA16550PA - Erie2548245.49433.17653.4
637 - DIABETES W MCC390063UPMC HAMOT201 STATE STREETERIEPA16550PA - Erie1465096.68760.57273.6
089 - CONCUSSION W CC390063UPMC HAMOT201 STATE STREETERIEPA16550PA - Erie1437886.96506.94975.4
313 - CHEST PAIN350006TRINITY HOSPITALS407 3RD ST SEMINOTND58701ND - Minot209014.33865.43014.2
885 - PSYCHOSES490135CATAWBA HOSPITALPO BOX 200CATAWBAVA24070VA - Roanoke9614628.46329.94703.2
101 - SEIZURES W/O MCC390063UPMC HAMOT201 STATE STREETERIEPA16550PA - Erie3625969.35275.73956.8
313 - CHEST PAIN70029BRISTOL HOSPITALBREWSTER RDBRISTOLCT6010CT - Hartford1518935.64655.73687.2