• Hospital Inpatient Treatment Costs
  • Hospital Short-stay Treatment Costs
  • Utilization Trends and Patterns Discharge Cost
  • Hospital Discharge Statistics


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Hospital Treatment Events Costs Data Package

$3,938 $2,755 / YEAR

Information include U.S. national trends in the number of inpatient stays, HRG unit costs for acute hospital procedures,Utilization trends for Emergency Department Services, Medicare Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) payments for discharges costs, Information on estimated hospital-specific charges for select Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) Groups, Short-Stay Hospitals discharges information for Aged Beneficiaries, All Beneficiaries, Disabled Beneficiaries, Information on Office visit per Medicare beneficiaries and information on hospitalization counts and rates.

Useful to public health specialists and specialized institutions to evaluate the utilization and the Medicare costs associated with hospital inpatient, emergency and ambulatory healthcare services.; Useful to hospital administrative staff and other interested parties to evaluate and compare the hospitals healthcare services financial aspects from the Medicare reimbursement perspective and of the healthcare services type.; The fields descriptions along with the dataset description are again useful for user to quick understand the data and the dataset.
Update Frequency: Various
Data Complexity: Medium
Number of Datasets: 13
1. HCUP National Trend Inpatient Stay 1994-2013 ($179)
2. HCUP State Level Trend Inpatient Stay 2003-2015 ($179)
3. Health Resource Group Costs by Provider HRG Code and Location ($447.5)
4. Health Resource Group Costs by Specialty HRG Code and Location ($447.5)
5. Hospital Emergency Medical Services Utilization Trends 2009-2013 ($447.5)
6. Inpatient Utilization and Payment Data 2013 ($447.5)
7. Inpatient Utilization and Payment Data 2014 ($447.5)
8. Inpatient Utilization and Payment Data 2015 ($447.5)
9. Medicare Beneficiary Office Visit by HRR HSA and State Levels ($179)
10. Medicare Beneficiary Short Stay Hospital Charges and Discharges ($179)
11. Outpatient Utilization and Payment Data 2013 ($179)
12. Outpatient Utilization and Payment Data 2014 ($179)
13. Rates of Preventable Hospitalizations by County ($179)