ISO 6346 Container Codes

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This dataset consists of coded list of ISO 6346 shipping containers, used in international trade and electronic shipping messages.

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ISO 6346 is an international standard which describes the identification of a shipping container. The standard is maintained by the BIC (International Container Bureau) and covers the serial number, owner, country code, and size of any given shipping container.

Example of an ISO 6346 compliant container number: CSQU3054383, where

Owner Code: The owner code in the above example is “CSQ”, which consists of three capital letters of the Latin alphabet to indicate the owner or principal operator of the container. Such code needs to be registered at the Bureau International des Conteneurs in Paris to ensure uniqueness worldwide.

Equipment Category Identifier: The equipment category identifier (“U” in this example) consists of one of the following capital letters of the Latin alphabet:

– U for all freight containers
– J for detachable freight container-related equipment
– Z for trailers and chassis

Under the ISO code, then, only U, J, and Z are in use. The reefer container is identified by means of the size type code.

Serial Number: The serial number consists of 6 numeric digits (“305438” in above example), assigned by the owner or operator, uniquely identifying the container within that owner/operator’s fleet.

Check Digit: The check digit (3 in the above example) consists of one numeric digit providing a means of validating the recording and transmission accuracies of the owner code and serial number.

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Coded List of ISO 6346 Shipping Containers, Codes For Intermodal Shipping Containers, ISO 6346 Shipping Container Codes

Container_CodeA 4 digit Alpha Numeric Code uniquely describing the container as defined by ISO 6346stringrequired : 1
Description_of_Container_CodeDescription of the Container Typestringrequired : 1
Length_of_ContainerExternal length in feet of the containerintegerlevel : Ratio
Height_of_ContainerExternal height of container in feetnumberlevel : Ratio
Code_Group4 Digit ISO 6346 describing the group the codes belong to, more regularly used when sending electronic shipping messagesstringrequired : 1
Description_of_Code_GroupDescription of the container code groupstringrequired : 1
2070Tank20822T020 Tank
2071Tank20822T020 Tank
2072Tank20822T020 Tank
2073Tank20822T020 Tank
2074Tank20822T020 Tank
2075Tank20822T020 Tank
2076Tank20822T020 Tank
2077Tank20822T020 Tank
2078Tank20822T020 Tank
2079Tank20822T020 Tank