London Borough of Barnet Complaints

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This dataset contains data on all complaints received by the council in 2015, 2016 and 2017 financial year for London Borough of Barnet.


The Council deals with complaints impartially, objectively and professionally. Complainants and their families will not receive adverse treatment because they have made a complaint.

Council acknowledges a complaint within two working days of receiving it. They should receive complaint as soon as possible but not more than three months from the incident which led to your complaint, or if a series of incidents then not more than three months from the last incident.

The Council has a two Stage Complaint Policy in place. Council encourages resolution at the first stage if possible:

Stage 1 The Council will direct your complaint to the relevant Complaints Link Officer who will liaise with the Service Manager to respond directly to you. The Council will respond to Stage 1 complaint within 10 working days of receipt.

Stage 2 Where a proposed resolution is not accepted the complainant may appeal and the complaint will be passed to the relevant senior manager who will cause a further investigation to be made and sign off the final report. The Council will respond to Stage 2 complaint within 30 working days of receipt.

The Local Government Ombudsman looks at complaints about councils as well as some other authorities and organizations. It is a free service: their job is to investigate complaints in a fair and independent way, and they do not take sides.

Data with regard to all complaints received by the council in the 2017/18 financial year for both London Borough of Barnet and the Barnet Group. A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction of our services. Individuals may consider that: They have not been treated with courtesy and fairness They are unhappy about the standard of service they have received We have failed to provide a service to which they are entitled They are unhappy about the action taken by the council.

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LBB Complaints, LBB Complaints Process, Complaint Stage Policy, Complaints Reported to LBB

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London Borough of Barnet Reported Complaints, Barnet Group of Company Complaints

Complaint_YearYear when complaint was filed to Councildate-
Complaint_QuarterComplaint Quarter Quarter (Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q1) when complaint was filed.string-
Complaint_MonthMonth when complaint was filed to Councilstring-
SLA_MonthService Level Agreement Monthstring-
Delivery_UnitInvestigation unit which will deliver their reportstring-
Complaint_SubjectSubject of the reported complaintstring-
Complaint_StageComplaint Stage (Each stage has a different response time)string-
Complaint_TypeDifferent type of complaint filed by different peoplestring-
Complaint_Open_DateDate when complaint was openeddatetime-
SLA_Target_DateTarget date set by the council for completion of complaintdatetime-
Complaint_Closed_DateDate when complaint was closeddatetime-
SLA_FlagSLA Flag (In SLA, Outside SLA)string-
Complaint_OutcomesOutcome of the filed complaintstring-
2017Q1AprilMayRETraffic & DevelopmentComplaint Stage 3Complaint - Highways Strategy2017-04-04T16:55:002017-05-19T16:55:00Outside SLA
2017Q1MayJuneREHighwaysComplaint Stage 1Complaint - Highways2017-05-26T12:58:002017-06-12T12:58:002017-06-09T13:37:00In SLAComplaint - Upheld
2017Q1MayJuneREHighwaysComplaint Stage 1Complaint - Highways2017-05-18T16:17:002017-06-02T16:17:002017-06-02T09:47:00In SLAComplaint - Upheld
2017Q1MayJuneREHighwaysComplaint Stage 1Complaint - Highways2017-05-19T14:33:002017-06-05T14:33:002017-06-05T14:33:00In SLAComplaint - Upheld
2017Q1AprilMayREHighwaysComplaint Stage 2Complaint - Highways2017-04-03T16:37:002017-05-04T16:37:002017-05-04T14:22:00In SLAComplaint - Upheld
2017Q1AprilAprilREHighwaysComplaint Stage 1Complaint - Highways2017-04-05T16:30:002017-04-21T16:30:002017-04-19T09:25:00In SLAComplaint - Upheld
2017Q1AprilAprilREHighwaysComplaint Stage 1Complaint - Highways2017-04-04T14:43:002017-04-20T14:43:002017-04-19T14:12:00In SLAComplaint - Upheld
2017Q1JuneJuneREHighwaysComplaint Stage 1Complaint - Highways2017-06-15T10:47:002017-06-29T10:47:002017-06-29T09:54:00In SLAComplaint - Not Upheld
2017Q1MayJuneREHighwaysComplaint Stage 3Complaint - Highways2017-05-09T16:55:002017-06-21T16:55:002017-06-28T17:51:00Outside SLAComplaint - Upheld
2017Q1JuneJuneCommissioning GroupElectoral ServicesComplaint Stage 1Complaint – Electoral Service2017-06-05T14:00:592017-06-19T14:19:16Outside SLA
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