Mammography Data from Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium

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This dataset includes data from a random sample of 20,000 digital and 20,000 film-screen mammograms received by women age 60-89 years within the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium (BCSC) between January 2005 and December 2008. Some women contribute multiple examinations to the dataset. Data is useful in teaching about data analysis, epidemiological study designs, or statistical methods for binary outcomes or correlated data.

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This dataset includes the mammography assessment and subsequent breast cancer diagnosis within one year as well as participant characteristics that have been previously shown to be associated with mammography performance including age, family history of breast cancer, breast density, use of hormone replacement therapy, BMI, history of biopsy, receipt of prior mammography, and presence of comparison films. These data are recommended for use as a teaching tool only; they should not be used to conduct primary research.

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2005-01 to 2008-12

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United States


John Snow Labs; Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium;

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BCSC, Breast Cancer Surveillance, Mammography, Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Breast Density, Hormonal Replacement Therapy, Biopsy

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BCSC Mammography Data, Breast Cancer Surveillance Mammography Data, Mammography Assessment and Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Age_At_The_Time_Of_MammographyPatient's age in years at time of mammogramnumberlevel : Ratio
Radiologists_AssessmentRadiologist's assessment based on the BI-RADS scalestring-
Is_Binary_Indicator_Of_Cancer_DiagnosisBinary indicator of cancer diagnosis within one year of screening mammogram (false= No cancer diagnosis, true= Cancer diagnosis)boolean-
Comparison_Mammogram_From_MammographyComparison mammogram from prior mammography examination availablestring-
Patients_BI_RADS_Breast_DensityPatient's BI-RADS breast density as recorded at time of mammogramstring-
Family_History_Of_Breast_CancerFamily history of breast cancer in a first degree relativestring-
Current_Use_Of_Hormone_TherapyCurrent use of hormone therapy at time of mammogramstring-
Binary_IndicatorBinary indicator of whether the woman had ever received a prior mammogramstring-
History_Of_Breast_BiopsyPrior history of breast biopsystring-
Is_Film_Or_Digital_MammogramFilm or digital mammogram (true=Digital mammogram, false=Film mammogram)boolean-
Cancer_TypeType of cancerstring-
Body_Mass_IndexBody mass index at time of mammogramstring-
Patients_Study_IDIdentification of Patientnumberlevel : Nominal
65NegativefalseYesExtremely denseNoNoYesNofalseNo cancer diagnosisMissing2
68NegativetrueYesExtremely denseNoYesYesYesfalseInvasive cancerMissing26506
81NegativefalseYesExtremely denseNoNoYesNofalseNo cancer diagnosisMissing533
66NegativefalseYesExtremely denseNoNoYesNofalseNo cancer diagnosisMissing560
62NegativefalseYesExtremely denseNoNoYesNofalseNo cancer diagnosisMissing581
60NegativefalseYesExtremely denseNoNoYesNofalseNo cancer diagnosisMissing596
81NegativefalseYesExtremely denseNoNoYesNofalseNo cancer diagnosisMissing872
61NegativefalseYesExtremely denseNoNoYesNofalseNo cancer diagnosisMissing967
66NegativefalseYesExtremely denseNoNoYesNotrueNo cancer diagnosisMissing1307
79NegativefalseYesExtremely denseNoNoYesNotrueNo cancer diagnosisMissing1698
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