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Medicare Fee For Service Expenditure Data Data Package

$3,838 $1,878 / YEAR

This data package includes datasets that provide the necessary data to evaluate the Medicare Advantage system of fee-for-service payments to hospitals and practices based on the geographical location, which have associated healthcare costs that vary across different areas (metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas, counties). The datasets contain data about the adjustments indices used by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) at county and state level and about the repriced reimbursements based on indices, at county and state level for aged, disabled and beneficiaries with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

Useful to Medicare Advantage interested parties and public health specialists or specialized public.; The fields descriptions along with the dataset description are useful for user to quick understand the data and the dataset.
Update Frequency: Annual
Data Complexity: Simple
Number of Datasets: 22
1. Geographic Indices HHA Wage Index ($179)
2. Geographic Indices IPPS Provider Index ($179)
3. Geographic Indices IPPS Wage Index ($179)
4. Geographic Indices Physician GPCI ($179)
5. Geographic Indices SNF Wage Index ($179)
6. Repricing FFS Claims ACO Combined Data Aged Disabled PartA And PartB ($79)
7. Repricing FFS Claims Aged Disabled Acute Inpatient Hospital Services ($179)
8. Repricing FFS Claims Aged Disabled Cost Contracts For PartA And PartB ($179)
9. Repricing FFS Claims Aged Durable Medical Equipment Non-CBA ($179)
10. Repricing FFS Claims Aged Durable Medical Equipment ($179)
11. Repricing FFS Claims Aged Disabled Home Health Agency PartA And PartB ($179)
12. Repricing FFS Claims Aged Disabled Hospice PartA And PartB ($179)
13. Repricing FFS Claims Aged Disabled Outpatient Healthcare Services ($179)
14. Repricing FFS Claims Aged Disabled Physician Fee Schedule ($179)
15. Repricing FFS Claims Aged Disabled Puerto Rico PartA And PartB ($179)
16. Repricing FFS Claims Aged Skilled Nursing Facility Reimbursement ($179)
17. Repricing FFS Claims Aged Uncompensated Care Reimbursement Data ($179)
18. Repricing FFS Claims Aged ($179)
19. Repricing FFS Claims Dialysis PartA PartB ($179)
20. Repricing FFS Claims Disabled Skilled Nursing Facility Data ($179)
21. Repricing FFS Claims Disabled Uncompensated Care Reimbursement Data ($179)
22. Repricing FFS Claims Disabled ($179)