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Montgomery Cable Complaint

This dataset reflects all cable complaints filed with the Montgomery County Cable Office since January 2010. Complaints are filed in Montgomery County Cable Office.

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Montgomery County offers assistance resolving cable and Internet service issues with franchised providers. Subscribers first contact the cable or broadband provider to resolve; if the issue is not resolved by the provider, the County escalates the complaint and work to obtain the relief available under local or federal law.

Complaints regarding damage from cable provider construction to yards, damage to outside cable equipment, and other construction issues can be reported directly to the Office of Cable & Broadband Services without having to first contact the cable provider.

Regarding cable and broadband complaints, the County has authority to assist subscribers with billing and credits, service quality, service interruption and outages, damage from construction issues. The County has no authority to order the cable providers to carry specific channels, offer a la carte per channel pricing, or reduce the cost of cable or Internet service. The County has limited authority to ensure that the rates for cable equipment and limited basic service (i.e., local broadcast and cable channels) comply with federal rate regulations.

About this Dataset

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Temporal Coverage

2010 to 2020

Spatial Coverage

City of Montgomery


John Snow Labs; Montgomery County Cable Office;

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Citizen Complaints, Cable Complaints, Complaints Filed Against Cable, Cable Types, Citizen Filing the Complaint, Cable Services, Montgomery Cable Complaints, Cable Service Assistance, Cable Construction Issues

Other Titles

Montgomery County Cable Complaints, Montgomery County Cable Office

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Date_of_ComplaintDate the complaint was received by the Cable Officedate-
Date_of_ClosureDate the complaint was closeddate-
StreetStreet name of the person filing the complaintstring-
CityCity for the person filing the complaintstring-
State_AbbreviationState for the person filing the complaintstring-
ZIP_Code5 digit postal Zip Code for the person filing the complaintintegerlevel : Nominal
Cable_ProviderName of the cable provider for the person filing the complaintstring-
Is_BillingIf the complaint involved a billing issue "true"boolean-
Is_ServiceIf the complaint involved a service issue "true"boolean-
Is_InternetIf the complaint was related to Internet service "true"boolean-
Is_Telephone_Answering_TimeIf the complaint involved the amount of time spent waiting on the telephone "true"boolean-
Is_ReceptionIf the complaint involved the signal quality (reception) "true"boolean-
Is_ConstructionIf the complaint was related to construction "true"boolean-
Is_MarketingIf the complaint was related to marketing "true"boolean-
Is_InstallationIf the complaint was related to an installation issue "true"boolean-
Is_Cable_Service_AvailabilityIf the complaint was related to lack of cable services available in the person's area "true"boolean-
Is_Cable_Line_RelatedIf the complaint was related to the physical cable line "true"boolean-
Is_Telephone_ServiceIf the complaint was related to telephone services from the cable provider "true"boolean-
Is_OtherIf the complaint was related to an issue not captured by the previous columns in this table "true"boolean-

Data Preview

Date of ComplaintDate of ClosureStreetCityState AbbreviationZIP CodeCable ProviderIs BillingIs ServiceIs InternetIs Telephone Answering TimeIs ReceptionIs ConstructionIs MarketingIs InstallationIs Cable Service AvailabilityIs Cable Line RelatedIs Telephone ServiceIs Other
2019-06-042019-06-04Accord DriveMDService Request
2019-05-072019-05-07Baederwood TerraceRockvilleMD20855.0Service RequestTrueTrueTrue
2019-05-062019-05-06Deneld AvenueKensingtonMD20895.0Service Request
2019-05-082019-05-08Sedley Ct.GaithersburgMD20879.0Service Request
2018-03-202018-12-31Raines DriveRockvilleMD20855.0ComcastTrue
2019-06-242019-06-24HighstreamGermantownMD20874.0Service Request
2019-05-152019-05-17Monroe StreetRockvilleMD20850.0Verizon
2018-03-072018-12-31Tazewell TerraceBurtonsvilleMD20866.0VerizonTrue
2018-01-182018-12-31Mondrian TerraceSilver SpringMD20904.0ComcastTrue
2019-07-082019-07-08MDService Request