Multifamily Housing Physical Inspection Scores

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This dataset includes information regarding HUD’s (Housing & Urban Development) Real Estate Assessment Center conducts physical property inspections of properties that are owned, insured or subsidized by HUD, including public housing and multifamily assisted housing.


HUD’s Real Estate Assessment Center conducts physical property inspections of properties that are owned, insured or subsidized by HUD, including public housing and multifamily assisted housing. About 20,000 such inspections are conducted each year to ensure that assisted families have housing that is decent, safe, sanitary and in good repair. This page provides a full historical view of the results of those inspections, providing point-in-time property scores. Results are available for download as a comma-delimited dataset. Separate datasets are available for public housing and for multifamily assisted properties. The results represent the inspections conducted from 2001 through January 2015. The dataset includes property identifiers and location information.

Detailed descriptions of the inspection processes can be found in Federal Register notices 66 FR 59084 for public housing and 65 FR77230 for Office of Housing programs.

Making these inspection details available will enable researchers, advocacy groups and the general public to:
1) better understand the physical condition of the HUD-assisted housing stock, as well as changes in the stock over time;
2) hold providers accountable for housing quality; and
3) plan for future affordable housing needs.

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2001-01 to 2015-12

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United States


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Inspection_IdID assigned by HUD's Real Estate Assessment Center for physical property inspection.numberlevel : Nominal
Property_Or_Development_IdUnique property id for multifamily assisted properties.string-
Property_or_Develpment_NameName of the property for multifamily assisted properties.string-
AddressAddress of development in United States.string-
CityName of the city in the United States.string-
Core_Based_Statistical_Area_NameA Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) is a U.S. geographic area defined by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) that consists of one or more counties (or equivalents) anchored by an urban center.string-
Core_Based_Statistical_Area_CodeArea code defined by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)numberlevel : Nominal
CountyName of county within the state.string-
County_CodeCode of county within the state.numberlevel : Nominal
State_AbbreviationState Abbreviationstring-
State_CodeCode of state within United States.numberlevel : Nominal
Zip_CodePostal code used within the United States.numberlevel : Nominal
LatitudeAngular distance of a place north or south of the earth's equator, or of the equator of a celestial object, usually expressed in degrees and minutes.number-
LongitudeGeographic coordinate that specifies the east-west position of a point on the Earth's surface.number-
Location_QualityLocation quality code assigned by HUD's Real Estate Assessment Center for physical property inspection.string-
Public_Housing_Authority_CodePublic Housing Authority Code for multifamily assisted properties.string-
Public_Housing_Authority_NamePublic Housing Authority Name for multifamily assisted properties.string-
Inspection_ScoreScore given by HUD's Real Estate Assessment Center during physical property inspection.numberlevel : Ratio
Inspection_Score_DateDate of the result after physical property
Inspection_Score_TimeTime of the result after physical property inspection.string-
521028800020632ROTAROTA SECTION 8 SUB66772014-03-061900-01-00
501050800000083AYALPIK APARTMENTS105 Atsaq2792013-09-161900-01-00
522710800020633TINIANTinian, SAN JOSE VILLAGE66872014-03-091900-01-00
525174800000118SUNSET VIEW401 2nd StreetCordovaAK2802014-05-231900-01-00
521029800020630MIHAVILLEPO Box 500514SaipanMP6996950632014-03-041900-01-00
515273800000112PETERSBURG ELDERLY16 North 12th street2882014-02-121900-01-00
521027800020629KOBLERVILLEKoblerville S8 Subdivision66642014-03-031900-01-00
514413800213166Weinberg Hale Kupaa94-6733 Kamaoa Road151002014-04-021900-01-00
524141AK001000260NomeNomeAK2AK001Alaska Housing Finance Corporati712014-05-281900-01-00
531947800001312Commerce Family Homes6205 Platt Ave #521West HillsCA6902014-10-011900-01-00