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National Correct Coding Initiative PTP for Outpatient Hospitals Data Package

$358 $249 / YEAR

This data package contains the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI), the procedure to procedure (PTP) edits, for outpatient hospitals as well as physicians/practitioners. The quarterly additions includes information about the changes/additions in the PTP edit published files for the current quarter.

Useful for individuals operating within and working according to Prospective Payment System, healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, suppliers and medical research groups. National Correct Coding Initiative database is available on Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website in raw form, whereas a John Snow Labs (JSL) customer gets it in a clean and normalized form ready to use and create his own custom reports. Easy to comprehend for the customers who are unfamiliar with the medical terminologies as all abbreviated terms are replaced with full form, unlike Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) original datasets which have many abbreviations. Recent dataset for 2018 is available for use.
1. Quarterly NCCI PTP Edits for Outpatient Hospitals ($179)
2. Quarterly NCCI PTP Edits for Physicians or Practitioners ($179)