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National Drug Code HCPCS Records NDCs Added

The National Drug Code / Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (NDC/HCPCS) Records & NDCs Added dataset provides a list of added Records and NDCs comparing to The last month NDC/HCPCS crosswalk file.

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The National Drug Code / Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (NDC/HCPCS) crosswalk file provides a list of National Drug Codes (NDC) that are assigned to a Level II HCPCS along with conversion factors that are used to price the applicable billings to allow processing of claims filed using the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) format.
The Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding (PDAC) updates the file monthly to add, revise or delete NDCs as published by Redbook. The file provides all prior updates, along with details on the changes that occurred in that month.
The PDAC only adds and updates the NDC/HCPCS that are billable to the Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractor (DMEMACs). Prior to the effective PDAC contract date of August 2008, all NDCs were updated. While these are still listed on the crosswalk file, they are not updated as changes are reported in Redbook.

The NDC/HCPCS Records & NDCs Added dataset provides a list of added Records and NDCs comparing to The last month NDC/HCPCScrosswalk file.

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John Snow Labs; Noridian Healthcare Solutions;

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NDC Records, HCPCS Records, HCPCS Crosswalk, NDC Crosswalk, NDC Redbook, National Drug Code Records, NDCs Added, HCPCS Records NDCs

Other Titles

NDC/HCPCS CrossWalk Records & NDCs Added, NDC to HCPCS Crosswalk NDCs Added, 2016 NDC/HCPCS Crosswalk NDCs Added

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
NDCThe National Drug Code (NDC) serves as a universal product identifier for human drugs and biologics. Each NDC must be reported as an 11-digit code unique to the manufacturer of the specific drug or product.stringrequired : 1
NDC_ModHealthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) Level II codes may require the use ofstring-
HCPCSHCPCS codes are used by Medicare and monitored by the CMS. HCPCS Level II codes are assigned to every service a medical practitioner provides to a Medicare patient including durable medical equipment, prosthetics and orthotics supplies. These codes are an alpha character followed by four numbers.stringrequired : 1maxLength : 5
HCPCS_ModHCPCS Level II codes may require the use of modifiers to capture the exact nature of the service. The Level II modifiers are two alphabetic or alphanumeric digits.stringmaxLength : 2
Related_Change_RequestRelated Change Requeststring-

Data Preview

NDCNDC ModHCPCSHCPCS ModRelated Change Request