New York State Executive Budget Capital Appropriations 2017-2018

$179 / year

This dataset includes capital project appropriations and reappropriations as they relate to the FY 2018 Executive Budget


The Executive Budget holds annual spending growth in State Operating Funds to less than 2 percent, consistent with the fiscal benchmark adopted by the current administration, and is balanced on a cash basis in the General Fund, as required by law.
An additional $1.4 billion windfall from monetary settlements received in FY 2017 is again set aside primarily for one-time capital investments and a $150 million deposit to the State’s Rainy Day Reserves.
General reserves will be increased by $150 million, and total $2.5 billion at the end of FY 2018.
The FY 2018 Executive budget is proposed in an uncertain fiscal environment. Tax receipts during the current year have been weaker than expected, with DOB (Division Of Budget) revising its estimates downward in each quarterly update. At the Federal level, the new presidential administration and Congress may redefine the partnership with the states in health care, social services, and infrastructure, with potentially adverse consequences for State finances.

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NYS Budget Appropriations 2017-2018, Annual Spending Growth in State, Capital Project Appropriations

Agency_NameState Agency Namestring-
Reference_NumberNumber used to uniquely identify a capital appropriation using agency, fiscal year and agency purposestring-
Program_NameComprehensive Construction Program Namestring-
State_PurposeStandardized functional classification category of all capital projectsstring-
Fund_NameName Of Fundstring-
Financing_SourceFunding source associated with the appropriationstring-
ChapterChapter in which the appropriation was enactedstring-
SectionSection in which the appropriation was enactedstring-
YearYear in which the appropriation was enactedstring-
DescriptionShort title, name or purpose for the appropriationstring-
Reappropriations_Recommended_2017_to_18Reappropriations recommended in the Executive Budgetintegerlevel : Nominal
Encumbrance_As_of_1_13_2017Amount of an appropriation reserved for future expenditureintegerlevel : Nominal
Appropriations_Recommended_2017_to_18Appropriations recommended in the Executive Budgetintegerlevel : Nominal
Mental Health, Office of500316NBNon-BondableNew FacilitiesCapital Projects FundCapital Projects Fund0054012016NonBondable Fallout800000
Mental Health, Office of500417NBNon-BondableNew FacilitiesCapital Projects FundCapital Projects Fund0000002017Non-Bondable Fallout1000000
Environmental Conservation, Department of09DS0751OperationsHealth and SafetyCapital Projects FundCapital Projects Fund0055012007Dam Safety691000
Education Department, State11021703AdministrationPreservation of FacilitiesCapital Projects FundCapital Projects Fund0000002017Minor Rehab3400000
Environmental Conservation, Department of09DS0851OperationsHealth and SafetyCapital Projects FundCapital Projects Fund0055012008Dam Safety1911000
Environmental Conservation, Department of09DS0951OperationsHealth and SafetyCapital Projects FundCapital Projects Fund0055012009Dam Safety1753000
Environmental Conservation, Department of09DS1251OperationsHealth and SafetyCapital Projects FundCapital Projects Fund0054012013Dam Safety1500000
Environmental Conservation, Department of9539463Water ResourcesHealth and SafetyCapital Projects FundCapital Projects Fund00540194Jones Inlet611000
Environmental Conservation, Department of09DF0651OperationsNew FacilitiesCapital Projects FundCapital Projects Fund0055012006DEC New Facilities58000
Environmental Conservation, Department of09W39863Water ResourcesHealth and SafetyCapital Projects FundCapital Projects Fund00550198Jones Inlet490000