• Annual Appropriation Ordinance
  • Budgeted Expenditures In The Ordinance
  • City Finance And Budget
  • Los Angeles Incremental Changes
  • Incremental Budget Changes
  • Division of Investment Management
  • Investment Company Act
  • NYS Budget Appropriations 2017-2018
  • Annual Spending Growth in State
  • Capital Project Appropriations


  • Budget Ordinance
  • Budget Appropriations
  • 2018 Budget
  • City Operating Budget
  • Operating Funds
  • LA City Budget
  • Budget Incremental Changes
  • General City Budget
  • LA Budget 2015-2016
  • Incremental Changes
  • Investment Company
  • Investment Class
  • Investment Company Series
  • Investment Company Filers
  • Operating Funds
  • Open-End Investment Companies
  • Budget Capital
  • Budget Appropriations
  • New York State Executive Budget
  • State Budget 2017-2018
  • State Operating Funds

Executive Budget Investments and Appropriations Data Package

$1,253 $876 / YEAR

This data package includes Incremental changes in the budget from year to year and shows the annual appropriation ordinance is the final city operating budget as approved by the City Council. It reflects the Chicago city’s operating budget at the beginning of the fiscal year on January 1. It’s also includes basic identification information for all active registered investment company series and classes that have been issued IDs by the Commission.

Budget Ordinance Appropriations; General City Budget Incremental Changes; Investment Company Series Class; State Executive Budget for NY
Update Frequency: Unknown
Data Complexity: Medium
Number of Datasets: 4
1. Budget Ordinance Appropriations 2018 ($179)
2. General City Budget Incremental Changes ($447.5)
3. Investment Company Series Class ($447.5)
4. New York State Executive Budget Capital Appropriations 2017-2018 ($179)