New York State SSI By Living Arrangements And Category Of Assistance

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The dataset includes the monthly listings of the number of Supplemental Security Income recipients by type of living arrangement and category of assistance (aged, blind or disabled) for the state of New York.


On a monthly basis, the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) publishes Temporary and Disability Assistance Statistics, which contains data relating to the operation of OTDA programs. Included in the report are a number of data tables providing caseload statistics regarding programs for low income residents. The data provided here contains the data necessary to recreate the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) information of Temporary and Disability Assistance Statistics for each month beginning with January of 2002, and continuing to most recently available data. Updates are scheduled to occur 65 days after the end of the reference month. This will allow interested parties to construct trends in recipients and benefits related to this program for each of the State’s 58 Local Social Services Districts (SSDs, New York City and the remaining 57 counties), the Office of Mental Health, and statewide totals.

The SSI program is a means-tested federal income support program that provides a minimum income to aged, blind or disabled persons. New York provides a State-funded supplement to the basic federal benefit. The cases and expenditures provided here and in Temporary and Disability Assistance Statistics are created by extracting data on monthly federal and state supplement payment issuance and recipient characteristics provided to the State from the Social Security Administration through the State Data Exchange (SDX), combined with state expenditure data on additional Personal Needs Allowances paid through the Office of State Comptroller. Users of these data, especially for the purposes of expenditure trend analysis should make themselves aware of the method by which benefit levels are adjusted annually for cost of living changes, and that benefits vary by living arrangement and region.

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NYS Supplemental Security Income Recipients Living Arrangements, New York State SSI Living Arrangements By Aged Blind Disabled

YearThe year data pertains todate-
MonthThe month of the data pertains tostring-
Social_Security_Benefit_TypeThe name of each category of assistance: aged blind or disabledstring-
Living_Arrangement_TypeThe name of each living arrangementstring-
RecipientsThe number of Supplemental Security Income (age, blind, disabled) recipientsintegerlevel : Ratio
YearMonthSocial Security Benefit TypeLiving Arrangement TypeRecipients
2020JanuaryAgedCongregate Care Level 1218
2020JanuaryAgedCongregate Care Level 21857
2020JanuaryAgedCongregate Care Level 35297
2020JanuaryAgedLiving Alone88647
2020JanuaryAgedLiving in Household of Another9305
2020JanuaryAgedLiving With Others29237
2020JanuaryAgedTitle XIX Institution & Other2069
2020JanuaryBlindCongregate Care Level 17
2020JanuaryBlindCongregate Care Level 290
2020JanuaryBlindCongregate Care Level 334