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USA Social Security Administration Recipients Data Data Package

$3,580 $1,878 / YEAR

Includes information about the claims for Social Security and/or Medicare benefits like Retirement and Survivor Insurance (RSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for aged population (65 years old and over), blind or with other disability and the Medicare financial support for persons with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). The data cover also Social Security Administration services like disability determination and telephone interpreter services. The data available are for the U.S. general population, for particular race/ethnic groups (like Asian and Pacific Islanders) and for states population, by year and quarter.

Researchers and policymakers who are interested in studying the primary revenue source for the Social Security (Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance, OASDI) programs will find value in the datasets. When coupled with the SSA publication, OASDI beneficiaries by state and county, data can be useful for studying the impact of the Social Security program in academia, private industry, and state governments and to study the Federal Insurance and Self-Employment Contribution Acts (FICA and SECA).
1. Disability Diagnoses Recipients by Census Area ($179)
2. Disability Diagnoses Recipients by SSA Region ($179)
3. NJ Active Pension Members ($179)
4. New York State SSI By Living Arrangements And Category Of Assistance ($179)
5. New York State SSI By Living Arrangements And Region ($179)
6. New York State SSI Recipients And Expenditures ($179)
7. SSA Asian And Pacific Islander Languages Volunteer Translators By Year ($179)
8. SSA Beneficiaries Claims Asian Pacific Islander Preferred Language ($179)
9. SSA Beneficiaries Claims General Population Preferred Language ($179)
10. SSA Disability Determination Services Accuracy Data ($179)
11. SSA Extra Help With Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Cost 2010-2019 ($179)
12. SSA Fast Track Process Public Use Files By State And Region ($179)
13. SSA Fiscal Year Disability Claim Data ($179)
14. SSA Initial Disability and Hearing Level Service Satisfaction Data ($179)
15. SSA Percentage of Fast Track Receipts ($179)
16. SSA Telephone Interpreter Services Asian Pacific Islander Language ($179)
17. Social Security Administration Data for Enumeration Accuracy ($179)
18. US States SSI Recipients By Eligibility Age And Gender ($179)
19. Workers Under Medicare Part A Contributions And Demographics ($179)
20. Workers Under Social Security OASDI Contributions And Demographics ($179)