Nurse Prescribers in England

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This dataset comprises of codes for Nurse Prescribers in England. It includes information about the name, address information and identifying codes for nurse prescribers working in England.


The Organization Data Service (ODS) is provided by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). It is responsible for the publication of all organization and practitioner codes and national policy and standards with regard to the majority of organization codes, and encompasses the functionality and services previously provided by the National Administrative Codes Service (NACS).

These code standards form part of the NHS data standards. The HSCIC is also responsible for the day-to-day operation of the ODS and for its overall development.

Data for General Medical Practices, General Medical Practitioners (GPs), Prescribing Cost Centres and Dispensaries are supplied by the NHS Prescription Services and are used to facilitate their remit to remunerate dispensing contractors and provide the National Health Service (NHS) with financial, prescribing and drug information.

The identifying codes provided in this dataset are the Nurse’s PIN numbers, allocated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council when a Nurse qualifies to prescribe. The NHS Prescription Service collates the Nurse Prescribing data for their own internal use in tracking the prescribing activity of nurses. Information on the nurses and their place of work is provided to the NHS Prescription Service by contacts within the Employer Organizations.

The nurse type is derived using the nurse and parent organization link; where PN = nurse employed by a practice; and CN = nurse employed by a Community NHS Trust. In this dataset, the nurse type is used to be ‘PN’.

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Nurses, Nurse Prescribers, Nurse PIN, Prescribing Activity of Nurses, Nurse Prescribers in England, Advanced Practice Nurse, National Health Service (NHS), Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), National Administrative Codes Service (NACS), NHS Prescription Services

Other Titles

Prescribing Activities of Nurses in England, List of Nurse Prescribers and Their Identifying Codes

Parent_Organization_CodeRefers to the Code for the organization the nurse prescribes for. One of Primary Care Organization GP Practice Community Nurse Prescribing Contract Code.stringrequired : 1
Nurse_PINAt any given time a nurse will only have one PIN Number but over time a nurse may have more than one, e.g. if registration card is stolen and a new number is requested.stringrequired : 1
Open_DateIt includes the date when the nurse began prescribing for the
TitleTitle used before the name for prescribing nurse.stringrequired : 1
InitialsInitials used instead of full name.stringrequired : 1
SurnameSurname of the prescribing nurse.stringrequired : 1
AddressThe full address is that of the organization for which the nurse prescribes, and not the nurse's own address.stringrequired : 1
Zip_CodeIt includes the zip code of the prescribing nurse.stringrequired : 1
Telephone_NumberIt includes the telephone number of the prescribing nurse.stringrequired : 1
Senior_Partner_NameIt is used for PN type prescription forms.stringrequired : 1
Current_Care_Organization_CodePrimary Care Organization for the area in which the organization the nurse prescribes for is located.stringrequired : 1
Current_Care_Organization_NameIt is the Name for the Current Care Organisation for which the nurse prescribes.stringrequired : 1
Name_Manipulation_IndicatorIt is used for PN nurse type prescription forms for manipulation of the senior partner's name.integerlevel : Ratio
Qualification_IndicatorIt is used to overprint the relevant nurse prescribers' formulary annotation on nurse prescription forms.stringrequired : 1
Y0023307E1032E2015-07-06MrsAJGRAHAM9A CHURCHGATE, BOLTONBL1 1HU01204 462444THE PARALLEL00TNHS BOLTON CCG2District Nurse/Health Visitor
Y0023395E0403E2014-02-04MrsSCKNIGHT9A CHURCHGATE, BOLTONBL1 1HU01204 462444THE PARALLEL00TNHS BOLTON CCG2District Nurse/Health Visitor
K8401671B0926E2000-08-01MsEMIRVINE19 BEAUMONT STREET, , OXFORDOX1 2NA01865 240501KENYON CM10QNHS OXFORDSHIRE CCG1District Nurse/Health Visitor
F8109572G0060E2015-03-01MrsRALBONYPRES ROAD, COLCHESTER, ESSEXCO2 7UW01206 517111GOEL S06TNHS NORTH EAST ESSEX CCG1District Nurse/Health Visitor
F8503370Y0362E2000-08-01MrsHKING808 GREEN LANES, WINCHMORE HILL, LONDONN21 2SA020 83505000NOOR R07XNHS ENFIELD CCG1District Nurse/Health Visitor
D8302173K0873E2005-11-01MsCWILKINSONCAMPS ROAD, HAVERHILL, SUFFOLKCB9 8HF01440 702010SELBY JN07KNHS WEST SUFFOLK CCG1District Nurse/Health Visitor
F8107276I2771E2013-12-01MrsJAABBOTT301 HIGH STREET, , EPPING, ESSEXCM16 4DA01992 579270PRADHAN RM07HNHS WEST ESSEX CCG1District Nurse/Health Visitor
G8302265L3571E2000-07-07MsSGIBBS191 WESTMOUNT ROAD, ELTHAM, LONDONSE9 1XY020 88501540SANDRASAGRA V08ANHS GREENWICH CCG1District Nurse/Health Visitor
G8502469I2463E1999-12-14MrsDMFOX26 HOLMSHAW CLOSE, , SYDENHAM, LONDONSE26 4TH020 30492820SIKORSKI JJ08LNHS LEWISHAM CCG1District Nurse/Health Visitor
G8302270H0060E2005-09-01MrIAUJEET191 WESTMOUNT ROAD, ELTHAM, LONDONSE9 1XY020 88501540SANDRASAGRA V08ANHS GREENWICH CCG1District Nurse/Health Visitor