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Nursing Home Compare Data Package

$2,327 $1,627 / YEAR

This data package contains information about Measures of Rehospitalization, Emergency Visit and Community Discharge for Medicare Beneficiaries. It also includes Nursing Home Compare information on Deficiencies, Fire Safety Deficiencies, MDS Quality Measures, Ownership information, Fines and Payment denial, Provider Information, State Averages and Survey Summary information about nursing homes.

Useful for nursing home medicare beneficiaries, providers, patients, consumers and hospitals. Nursing Home Compare database is available o nMedicare.gov website in raw form, whereas a John Snow Labs (JSL) customer gets it in a clean and normalized form ready to use in one place and create his own custom reports. Easy to comprehend for the customers who are unfamiliar with the medical terminologies as all abbreviated terms are replaced with full form, unlike Nursing Home Compare original datasets which are full of abbreviations.
1. Measures of Rehospitalization Emergency Visit and Community Discharge ($179)
2. Nursing Home Compare Deficiencies ($179)
3. Nursing Home Compare Fire Safety Deficiencies ($179)
4. Nursing Home Compare MDS Quality Measures ($179)
5. Nursing Home Compare Medicare Claims Quality Measures ($179)
6. Nursing Home Compare Ownership ($179)
7. Nursing Home Compare Penalties ($179)
8. Nursing Home Compare Provider Info ($179)
9. Nursing Home Compare State Averages ($179)
10. Nursing Home Compare Survey Summary ($179)
11. Skilled Nursing Facility QRP Provider Data ($179)
12. Skilled Nursing Facility QRP Swing Beds Provider Data ($179)
13. Skilled Nursing Facility VBP Facility Level Data ($179)