Nursing Home Compare Fire Safety Deficiencies

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This dataset contains a list of all fire safety deficiencies currently listed on Nursing Home Compare, including the nursing home that received the deficiency, the associated inspection date, deficiency tag number, scope and severity, the current status of the deficiency and the correction date. Data are presented as one deficiency per row.


Nursing Home Compare allows consumers to compare information about nursing homes. It contains quality of care and staffing information for all 15,000 plus Medicare and Medicaid-participating nursing homes. Nursing homes aren’t included in Nursing Home Compare if they are not Medicare or Medicaid-certified. These Nursing Homes can be licensed by the state.

The nursing home fires in Hartford and Nashville revealed weaknesses in federal nursing home compare fire safety standards for unsprinklered facilities. For example, federal standards did not require either home to have smoke detectors in resident rooms where the fires originated, and the fire department investigations suggested that their absence may have delayed the notification of staff and activation of the buildings’ fire alarms. In light of inadequate staff response to the Hartford fire, the degree to which the standards rely on staff to protect and evacuate residents may be unrealistic. Moreover, many unsprinklered homes are not required to meet all federal fire safety standards if they obtain a waiver or are able to demonstrate that compensating features offer an equivalent level of fire safety. However, some of these exemptions raise a concern about whether resident safety was adequately considered. For example, a large number of unsprinklered homes in at least two states have waivers of standards designed to prevent the spread of smoke during a fire. State and federal oversight of nursing home fire safety is inadequate. Postfire investigations by Connecticut and Tennessee revealed deficiencies that existed, but were not cited, during prior surveys. For example, a survey conducted of the Hartford home one month prior to the fire did not uncover the lack of fire drills on the night shift and, on the night the fire occurred, the staff failed to implement the home’s fire plan. The survey was conducted during the daytime and relied on inaccurate documentation that all shifts were conducting fire drills.

The limited number of fire safety assessments, though inconsistent with the statutory requirement for federal oversight surveys, nonetheless demonstrate that state surveyors either miss or fail to cite all fire safety deficiencies. CMS provides limited oversight of state survey activities to address these fire safety survey concerns:
1- lacks basic data to assess the appropriateness of uncorrected deficiencies.
2- Infrequently reviews state trends in citing fire safety deficiencies.
3- Provides insufficient oversight of deficiencies that are waived or that homes do not correct because of asserted compensating fire safety features.

The survey type for this dataset is ‘Fire Safety’ and the processing date is 1st July, 2018.

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Fire Safety Deficiencies By Nursing Home Information, CMS Quality Improvement Program

Federal_Provider_NumberIdentification number of the facility within the CMS dataset.string-
Provider_NameThe name of the facility or nursing home center.string-
AddressThe address of the nursing home center or facility.string-
CityThe city name in the location address of the facility being identified.string-
State_AbbreviationThe two-letter abbreviations of the state in the mailing address of the facility. This includes information on hospitals in the U.S states.string-
Zip_CodeThe postal code in the mailing address of the hospital.integerlevel : Nominal
Survey_DateIndicates the date on which survey is
Deficiency_PrefixThe alphabetic character that is assigned to a series of data tags that apply to a provider.string-
Deficiency_CategoryIndicates the category of the listed deficiency.string-
Deficiency_DescriptionDescribes the details about the deficiency.string-
Deficiency_Tag_NumberIndicates the tag number of the listed deficiency.integerlevel : Nominal
Tag_VersionIndicates whether tag was cited before (old) or on/after (new) 7/5/2016, for a small number of life safety deficiencies (K tags), the same deficiency tag number has a different description in the two versions.string-
Scope_Severity_CodeIndicates the level of harm to the resident(s) involved and the scope of the problem within the nursing home. The code for 'Scope and Severity' represents a system of rating the seriousness of deficiencies. For each deficiency, the level of harm to the resident or resident(s) involved and the scope of the problem within the nursing home is determined. Then an alphabetical scope and severity value, A through L, is assigned to the deficiency. "A" is the least serious and "L" is the most serious rating.string-
Deficiency_CorrectedIndicates whether the deficiency has been corrected, a plan of correction has been devised, or the deficiency has yet to be corrected.string-
Correction_DateIndicates the date on which deficiency is
Inspection_CycleIndicates the inspection period or cycle. Standard inspection cycles are counted sequentially into the past, complaint inspection cycles are counted annually into the past. The most recent comprehensive inspection are rated as 1 and the latest as 3 with 12-36 months of complaint inspections. Because of the new health inspection process, these deficiencies aren’t necessarily used to calculate the 5-star health inspection rating. Inspecton cycle 1 = 12 months, inspection cycle 2 = 13-24 months, inspection cycle 3 = 25-36 months.integerlevel : Nominal
Is_Standard_DeficiencyIndicates whether the deficiency listed is a standard deficiency or not.boolean-
Is_Complaint_DeficiencyIndicates whether the deficiency listed is a complaint deficiency or not.boolean-
LatitudeIdentifies the geographical location Latitude.number-
LongitudeIdentifies the geographical location Longitude.number-
Federal Provider NumberProvider NameAddressCityState AbbreviationZip CodeSurvey DateDeficiency PrefixDeficiency CategoryDeficiency DescriptionDeficiency Tag NumberTag VersionScope Severity CodeDeficiency CorrectedCorrection DateInspection CycleIs Standard DeficiencyIs Complaint DeficiencyLatitudeLongitude
265850SEASONS CARE CENTER15600 WOODS CHAPEL ROADKANSAS CITYMO641392018-05-16EEmergency Preparedness DeficienciesEstablish an Emergency Preparedness Program (EP).1NewFDeficient, Provider has date of correction2018-06-302TrueTrue38.983644-94.398972
295020ROSEWOOD REHABILITATION CENTER2045 SILVERADA BLVDRENONV895122019-05-09KSmoke DeficienciesEnsure that corridors are separated from use areas by walls constructed to limit the passage of smoke.362NewDDeficient, Provider has date of correction2019-06-141TrueTrue39.549198-119.783275
315256LEISURE PARK HEALTH CENTER1400 ROUTE 70LAKEWOODNJ87012019-11-04KSmoke DeficienciesInstall corridor and hallway doors that block smoke.363NewDDeficient, Provider has date of correction2019-12-161TrueTrue
335275SAPPHIRE NURSING AT WAPPINGERS37 MESIER AVENUEWAPPINGERS FALLSNY125902018-03-29KEgress DeficienciesHave exits that are accessible at all times.271NewDDeficient, Provider has date of correction2018-06-082TrueTrue41.594594-73.917291
295017HORIZON HEALTH AND REHABILITATION CENTER660 DESERT LNLAS VEGASNV891062019-12-06KEgress DeficienciesKeep aisles, corridors, and exits free of obstruction in case of emergency.211NewDDeficient, Provider has date of correction2019-12-301TrueTrue
275065COMMUNITY NURSING HOME OF ANACONDA615 MAIN STANACONDAMT597112019-09-23EEmergency Preparedness DeficienciesEstablish policies and procedures for volunteers.24NewFDeficient, Provider has date of correction2019-11-071TrueTrue46.124794-112.95451399999999
325037LADERA CENTER5901 OURAY ROAD NWALBUQUERQUENM871202019-07-15KEgress DeficienciesInstall emergency lighting that can last at least 1 1/2 hours.291NewFDeficient, Provider has date of correction2019-08-191TrueTrue35.112463-106.705968
325126THE RIO AT LAS ESTANCIAS3620 LAS ESTANCIAS DR SWALBUQUERQUENM871052018-11-06EEmergency Preparedness DeficienciesConduct testing and exercise requirements.39NewFDeficient, Provider has date of correction2018-12-012TrueTrue35.018112-106.71240300000001
335269THE WARTBURG HOMEBRADLEY AVENUEMOUNT VERNONNY105522019-10-24KSmoke DeficienciesProvide properly protected cooking facilities.324NewDDeficient, Provider has plan of correction2019-12-201TrueTrue
285058RIVER CITY NURSING AND REHABILITATION7410 MERCY ROADOMAHANE681242018-09-18KMiscellaneous DeficienciesProvide a written emergency evacuation plan.711NewFDeficient, Provider has date of correction2019-01-042TrueTrue41.237908000000004-96.028125