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NYC Council Constituent Service

This dataset comes from CouncilStat, an application used by many Council district offices to enter and track constituent issues that can range from affordable housing to potholes and pedestrian safety in New York City.

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This dataset aggregates the information that the individual staff has inputted. However, district staff handles a wide range of complex issues. Each office uses the program differently, and thus records cases differently and so comparisons between accounts may be difficult.

With the release of this dataset, Council aims to increase transparency, improve understanding of issues that New Yorkers face, and create more familiarity around the role of Council district offices in their local community.

The Council is excited to partner with civic technologists to strengthen constituent service delivery and tracking. In January 2016, Council hosted a hackathon at Civic Hall to preview this dataset and generate ideas for how to improve constituent services.

About this Dataset

Data Info

Date Created


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Update Frequency


Temporal Coverage

2015 to 2020

Spatial Coverage

New York City


John Snow Labs; New York City Council;

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NYC Council District, Council Constituent Services, Constituent Services, NYC Constituent Services, Constituent Services Data, NYC Council

Other Titles

Council Constituent Complaints, New York City Constituent Complaints

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Case_NumberUnique case number of the constituent casework.string-
Open_DateDate the casework is created by staff.date-
Complaint_TypeBroader category designated by staff for the constituent casework. Complaint type corresponds to NYC Council Legislative Committees.string-
DescriptorDescriptor is the more specific category designated by staff for the constituent casework.string-
ZIP_CodeZip code of the constituent.integerlevel : Nominal
BoroughBorough of the constituent.string-
CityCity of the constituent.string-
Council_DistrictCouncil District of the constituent.string-
Community_Board_NumberCommunity Board Number of the constituent.integerlevel : Nominal
Community_BoardCommunity Board of the constituent.string-
Close_DateClose Date is the date the casework was closed. A casework could be closed because the issue is resolved or because no further action could be taken.date-

Data Preview

Case NumberOpen DateComplaint TypeDescriptorZIP CodeBoroughCityCouncil DistrictCommunity Board NumberCommunity BoardClose Date
NYCC015063292015-01-02AgingSenior Centers11220.0BrooklynBrooklynNYCC387.02015-01-14
NYCC015063332015-01-04HealthRats/Rodents10006.0ManhattanNew YorkNYCC011.02017-02-23
NYCC015063342015-01-05Land Use and Zoning10003.0ManhattanNew YorkNYCC025.02015-01-15
NYCC015063352015-01-06TransportationPot Holes10002.0ManhattanNew YorkNYCC013.02016-02-09
NYCC015063382015-01-06TransportationParking Permits10002.0ManhattanNew YorkNYCC013.02015-03-17
NYCC015063412015-01-07Housing and BuildingsNYCHA Building Maintenance2016-02-09
NYCC015063422015-01-08Economy/JobsBusiness Assistance11355.0QueensFlushingNYCC207.02015-01-08
NYCC015063432015-01-08ImmigrationVisas10002.0ManhattanNew YorkNYCC013.02015-01-08