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NYC Street Tree Census 2015

This dataset shows the New York City (NYC) street tree census data for the year 2015 provided by the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR).

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This is the third decade inventory of NYC’s street trees. This is the first tree census to use volunteer citizen scientists to be the primary data collectors. Individuals who have mapped went through a full training process with NYC Parks Census staff, mapped in “events” with other volunteers or mapped independently. Community partners ranging from environmental non-profits, business improvement districts, youth groups and community boards have also played a key role in training and engaging volunteers to map their neighborhoods. Volunteers have mapped 200,000 trees, 30% of the city, since May 2015.

The street tree dataset will provide NYC Parks with information that can improve operational efficiency in the field, better allocate funds for high priority projects, and investigate the best management practices for urban trees. A complete census will allow us to assess trends in tree health, diversity, and growth. Research specific, pressing environmental questions like how the trees of New York City have responded to inundation from Hurricane Sandy. The data will also help dictate Central Forestry’s street tree planting program to better target areas in need.

About this Dataset

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Temporal Coverage

2015 to 2016

Spatial Coverage

New York City


John Snow Labs; Data City of New York;

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NYC Tree Census, Street Tree Census, NYC Street Tree, Trees Count, NY Tree Census Data

Other Titles

NYC Parks and Trees, Street Tree Data 2015

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Tree_IDUnique identification number for each tree point.integerlevel : Nominal
Block_IDIdentifier linking each tree to the block in the blockface table/shapefile that it is mapped on.integerlevel : Nominal
Created_DateThe date tree points were collected in the census software.date-
Tree_DiameterDiameter of the tree, measured at approximately 54" / 137cm above the ground. Data were collected for both living and dead trees; for stumps, use stump_diamintegerlevel : Nominal
Diameter_of_Stump_MeasuredDiameter of stump measured through the center, rounded to the nearest inch.integerlevel : Nominal
Curb_LocationLocation of tree bed in relation to the curb; trees are either along the curb (On Curb) or offset from the curb (Off set From Curb)string-
Tree_StatusIndicates whether the tree is alive, standing dead, or a stump.string-
Tree_HealthIndicates the user's perception of tree health.string-
Scientific_NameScientific name for speciesstring-
Common_NameCommon name for speciesstring-
Signs_of_StewardshipIndicates the number of unique signs of stewardship observed for this tree (1 or 2, 3 or 4, 4 or more signs). Not recorded for stumps or dead trees. Most common examples of what counts as one stewardship activity. Helpful tree guards that do not appear professionally installed -Mulch or woodchips -Intentionally-planted flowers or other plants -Signs related to care of the tree or bed, other than those installed by Parks -Decorations (not including wires or lights added to the tree) -Seating in the tree bed, usually as part of the tree guard -Viewing someone performing a stewardship activity during the surveystring-
Guards_ConditionIndicates whether a guard is present, and if the user felt it was a helpful or harmful guard. Not recorded for dead trees and stumps.string-
Sidewalk_ConditionIndicates whether one of the sidewalk flags immediately adjacent to the tree was damaged, cracked, or lifted. Not recorded for dead trees and stumps.string-
User_TypeThis field describes the category of user who collected this tree point's data.string-
ProblemsIndicates the presence problem tree bedstring-
Is_Root_Stone_PresentIndicates the presence of a root problem caused by paving stones in tree bedboolean-
Is_Root_Gate_PresentIndicates the presence of a root problem caused by metal grates in tree bedboolean-
Is_Root_Other_PresentIndicates the presence of other root problemsboolean-
Is_Trunk_Wire_PresentIndicates the presence of a trunk problem caused by wires or rope wrapped around the trunkboolean-
Is_Trunk_Light_PresentIndicates the presence of a trunk problem caused by lighting installed on the treeboolean-
Is_Trunk_Other_PresentIndicates the presence of other trunk problemsboolean-
Is_Branch_Light_PresentIndicates the presence of a branch problem caused by lights (usually string lights) or wires in the branchesboolean-
Is_Branch_Sneaker_PresentIndicates the presence of a branch problem caused by sneakers in the branchesboolean-
Is_Branch_Other_PresentIndicates the presence of other branch problemsboolean-
Estimated_AddressNearest estimated address to treestring-
Zip_CodeFive-digit zip code in which tree is locatedintegerlevel : Number
CityCity as derived from the zip code. This is often (but not always) the same as borough.string-
Community_BoardCommunity board in which tree point is locatedintegerlevel : Number
BoroughName of borough in which tree point is locatedstring-
Council_DistrictCouncil district in which tree point is locatedintegerlevel : Nominal
State_Assembly_DistrictState Assembly District in which tree point is locatedintegerlevel : Nominal
State_Senate_DistrictState Senate District in which tree point is locatedintegerlevel : Nominal
NTA_CodeThis is the NTA (Norwalk Tree Alliance) Code corresponding to the neighborhood tabulation area from the 2010 US Census that the tree point falls into.string-
NTA_NameThis is the NTA (Norwalk Tree Alliance) name corresponding to the neighborhood tabulation area from the 2010 US Census that the tree point falls into.string-
Borough_CTThis is the Borough identifier for the census tract that the tree point falls into.integerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeLatitude of point, in decimal degreesnumber-
LongitudeLongitude of point, in decimal degreesnumber-
Census_TractCensus Tract for Treesintegerlevel : Number
BINBuilding Identification Numberintegerlevel : Number
BBLLand parcel Borough, Block, Lot code.integerlevel : Number

Data Preview

Tree IDBlock IDCreated DateTree DiameterDiameter of Stump MeasuredCurb LocationTree StatusTree HealthScientific NameCommon NameSigns of StewardshipGuards ConditionSidewalk ConditionUser TypeProblemsIs Root Stone PresentIs Root Gate PresentIs Root Other PresentIs Trunk Wire PresentIs Trunk Light PresentIs Trunk Other PresentIs Branch Light PresentIs Branch Sneaker PresentIs Branch Other PresentEstimated AddressZip CodeCityCommunity BoardBoroughCouncil DistrictCouncil District.1State Assembly DistrictState Senate DistrictNTA CodeNTA NameBorough CTLatitudeLongitudeCensus TractBINBBL
1806833487112015-08-2730OnCurbAliveFairAcer rubrumred mapleNoneNoneNoDamageTreesCount StaffNoneFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalse108-005 70 AVENUE11375Forest Hills4064Queens292816QN17Forest Hills407390040.72309177-73.84421522739.04052307.04022210001.0
2005403159862015-09-03210OnCurbAliveFairQuercus palustrispin oakNoneNoneDamageTreesCount StaffStonesTrueFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalse147-074 7 AVENUE11357Whitestone4074Queens192711QN49Whitestone409730040.79411067-73.81867946973.04101931.04044750045.0
2040262183652015-09-0530OnCurbAliveGoodGleditsia triacanthos var. inermishoneylocust1or2NoneDamageVolunteerNoneFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalse390 MORGAN AVENUE11211Brooklyn3013Brooklyn345018BK90East Williamsburg304490040.71758074-73.93660770000001449.03338310.03028870001.0
2043372179692015-09-05100OnCurbAliveGoodGleditsia triacanthos var. inermishoneylocustNoneNoneDamageVolunteerStonesTrueFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalse1027 GRAND STREET11211Brooklyn3013Brooklyn345318BK90East Williamsburg304490040.71353749-73.93445616449.03338342.03029250001.0
1895652230432015-08-30210OnCurbAliveGoodTilia americanaAmerican lindenNoneNoneDamageVolunteerStonesTrueFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalse603 6 STREET11215Brooklyn3063Brooklyn394421BK37Park Slope-Gowanus301650040.66677776-73.97597938165.03025654.03010850052.0
1904221060992015-08-30110OnCurbAliveGoodGleditsia triacanthos var. inermishoneylocust1or2HelpfulNoDamageVolunteerNoneFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalse8 COLUMBUS AVENUE10023New York1071Manhattan36727MN14Lincoln Square101450040.77004563-73.98494997145.01076229.01011310031.0
1904261060992015-08-30110OnCurbAliveGoodGleditsia triacanthos var. inermishoneylocust1or2HelpfulNoDamageVolunteerNoneFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalse120 WEST 60 STREET10023New York1071Manhattan36727MN14Lincoln Square101450040.77020969-73.98533807145.01076229.01011310031.0
2086491039402015-09-0790OnCurbAliveGoodTilia americanaAmerican lindenNoneNoneNoDamageVolunteerMetalGratesFalseTrueFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalse311 WEST 50 STREET10019New York1041Manhattan37527MN15Clinton101270040.76272385-73.98729652133.01086093.01010410019.0
2096104074432015-09-0860OnCurbAliveGoodGleditsia triacanthos var. inermishoneylocustNoneNoneNoDamageTreesCount StaffNoneFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalse65 JEROME AVENUE10305Staten Island5025Staten Island506423SI14Grasmere-Arrochar-Ft. Wadsworth500640040.59657931-74.07625483
1927552075082015-08-31210OffsetFromCurbAliveFairPlatanus x acerifoliaLondon planetreeNoneNoneNoDamageTreesCount StaffNoneFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalse638 AVENUE Z11223Brooklyn3133Brooklyn474523BK26Gravesend303740240.58635725-73.9697439437402.03320727.03072350001.0