NYC Student Discipline Annual Report

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This dataset shows the NYC (New York City) student discipline annual report aggregated by removals, principal and/or superintendent intervention.


Each year, all parents, teachers, and students in grades 6-12 take the NYC School Survey. The survey is aligned to the DOE’s (Department of Education) Framework for Great Schools. It is designed to collect important information about each school’s ability to support student success. School leaders can use feedback from the survey to reflect and improve schools and programs. Students and parents can learn more about the NYC School Survey by contacting the school or program coordinators.

The 2017 NYC School Survey results are a part of the 2016-2017 School Quality Guide, which also includes the latest Quality Review Reports and the 2016-2017 Framework ratings.

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New York City


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2018 NYC Student Discipline Reports, School Quality Reports

Database_NumberA Unique Database number for storing feedback result.string-
School_NameThe official title of the school.string-
School_CategoryFor learning communities, the name of a general grade classification similar to school level. For administrative offices, the name of the hierarchical position of an office.string-
Administrative_NumberA two-digit administrative district identifier. For schools in a region, it is in most cases the geographical district in which the school is physically located.integerlevel : Nominal
RemovalsCount of number of students removed from a classroomintegerlevel : Ratio
PrincipalCount of number of students sent to the principal's officeintegerlevel : Ratio
SuperintendentCount of number of students sent to the superintendent's officeintegerlevel : Ratio
Total_Removals_and_SuspensionsCount of number of students expelled from schoolintegerlevel : Ratio
Database NumberSchool NameSchool CategoryAdministrative NumberRemovalsPrincipalSuperintendentTotal Removals and Suspensions
01M015P.S. 015 Roberto ClementeElementary10.
01M019P.S. 019 Asher LevyElementary10.
01M020P.S. 020 Anna SilverElementary16.09.0
01M034P.S. 034 Franklin D. RooseveltK-81
01M063The STAR Academy - P.S.63Elementary123.031.0
01M064P.S. 064 Robert SimonElementary10.06.0
01M110P.S. 110 Florence NightingaleElementary1
01M134P.S. 134 Henrietta SzoldElementary130.042.0
01M140P.S. 140 Nathan StrausK-819.
01M142P.S. 142 Amalia CastroElementary10.