NYPD Motor Vehicle Collisions

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In New York City (NYC), more than 200,000 motor vehicle collisions happen every year. This means about every 3 minute, a collision happens somewhere in NYC. To reduce collisions, there is a need to discover the key factors to improve. The use of NYC collision data and historical weather data to identify the worst location (total number of collisions) and worst weather condition (frequency of collision)

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In this NYC collision dataset, one can easily identify various worst locations other than total number of vehicle collision. For example number of people injured, number of pedestrians injured and specific vehicle type collision. “The worst taxi-taxi collision locations.” That is Penn Station/ Madison Square Garden. This location has huge human and taxi traffic. In fact, these surrounding blocks hold all top 4 worst taxi-taxi collision locations. This doesn’t sound like a coincidence but has a very good reason to invite taxi collisions. Looking carefully, the taxi pick-up and drop-off places are mixed in this location. Making a clear separation between pick-up and drop-off would improve number of collisions in this busy location.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents, Vehicle Collisions, Motor Vehicle Collisions NYPD, Road Accidents

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Vehicle Accidents, NYPD Road Accidents

DateDate of Motor Vehicle Collisiondate-
TimeTime Of Motor Vehicle Collisionstring-
BoroughBorough Namestring-
ZIP_CodeZIP Code where Motor Vehicle collision occurredintegerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeLatitude Location where Motor Vehicle collision occurrednumber-
LongitudeLatitude Location Motor Vehicle collision occurrednumber-
On_Street_NameStreet Name where Motor Vehicle collision occurredstring-
Cross_Street_NameCross Street Name where Motor Vehicle collision occurredstring-
Off_Street_NameOff Street Name where Motor Vehicle collision occurredstring-
Number_Of_Persons_InjuredNumber Of Persons Injuredintegerlevel : Ratio
Number_Of_Persons_KilledNumber of Persons Killed in collisionintegerlevel : Ratio
Number_Of_Pedestrians_InjuredNumber of Pedestrians Injured in collisionintegerlevel : Ratio
Number_Of_Pedestrians_KilledNumber of Persons Killed in collisionintegerlevel : Ratio
Number_Of_Cyclist_InjuredNumber of Cyclist Injured in collisionintegerlevel : Ratio
Number_Of_Cyclist_KilledNumber of Cyclist Killed in collisionintegerlevel : Ratio
Number_Of_Motorist_InjuredNumber of Motorist Injured in collisionintegerlevel : Ratio
Number_Of_Motorist_KilledNumber of Motorist Killed in collisionintegerlevel : Ratio
Contributing_Factors_Vehicle_1Factors that were involved in the collision.string-
Contributing_Factors_Vehicle_2Factors that were involved in the collision.string-
Contributing_Factors_Vehicle_3Factors that were involved in the collision.string-
Contributing_Factors_Vehicle_4Factors that were involved in the collision.string-
Contributing_Factors_Vehicle_5Factors that were involved in the collision.string-
Unique_KeyUnique Key of saving the collision recordintegerlevel : Nominal
Vehicle_Type_Code_1Type of Vehicle which was involved in accidentstring-
Vehicle_Type_Code_2Type of Vehicle which was involved in accidentstring-
Vehicle_Type_Code_3Type of Vehicle which was involved in accidentstring-
Vehicle_Type_Code_4Type of Vehicle which was involved in accidentstring-
Vehicle_Type_Code_5Type of Vehicle which was involved in accidentstring-
DateTimeBoroughZIP CodeLatitudeLongitudeOn Street NameCross Street NameOff Street NameNumber Of Persons InjuredNumber Of Persons KilledNumber Of Pedestrians InjuredNumber Of Pedestrians KilledNumber Of Cyclist InjuredNumber Of Cyclist KilledNumber Of Motorist InjuredNumber Of Motorist KilledContributing Factors Vehicle 1Contributing Factors Vehicle 2Contributing Factors Vehicle 3Contributing Factors Vehicle 4Contributing Factors Vehicle 5Unique KeyVehicle Type Code 1Vehicle Type Code 2Vehicle Type Code 3Vehicle Type Code 4Vehicle Type Code 5
2016-12-1714:3040.854286HUTCHINSON RIVER PARKWAY00000000Pavement Slippery3581787Station Wagon/Sport Utility Vehicle
2018-01-1916:3240.75837QUEENSBORO BRIDGE UPPER ROADWAY00000000UnspecifiedUnspecified3832438SedanSedan
2018-01-168:0340.75837QUEENSBORO BRIDGE UPPER ROADWAY00000000UnspecifiedUnspecified3829655TaxiPick-up Truck
2018-09-0611:4540.75837QUEENSBORO BRIDGE UPPER ROADWAY00000000UnspecifiedUnspecified3975700SedanSedan
2018-06-149:5040.75837QUEENSBORO BRIDGE UPPER ROADWAY00000000Unspecified3922984Sedan
2018-06-0918:1040.75837QUEENSBORO BRIDGE UPPER ROADWAY00000000Unsafe Lane ChangingUnspecified3918430SedanTaxi
2018-03-3016:0840.75837QUEENSBORO BRIDGE UPPER ROADWAY00000000Driver Inattention/DistractionUnspecified3873494Station Wagon/Sport Utility VehicleSedan
2018-03-1316:2040.75837QUEENSBORO BRIDGE UPPER ROADWAY00000000Driver Inattention/DistractionDriver Inattention/Distraction3861844Station Wagon/Sport Utility VehicleTaxi
2018-03-2511:0040.75837QUEENSBORO BRIDGE UPPER ROADWAY00000000UnspecifiedUnspecified3870246Station Wagon/Sport Utility VehicleSedan
2018-02-1718:5040.75837QUEENSBORO BRIDGE UPPER ROADWAY00000000UnspecifiedUnspecified3849177TaxiSedan
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