NYS Government Building Energy Use Intensity Data

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This dataset shows the data of energy intensity for NYS (New York State) Government building for Beginning State Fiscal Year 2010.


The Build Smart NY was established by Executive Order 88 and mandates a reduction in energy consumption by 20% in government owned and operated buildings by 2020. Site utility data has been collected for all government buildings larger than 20,000 square feet and this has been converted to Source Energy Use Intensity (EUI) which is a ratio of Source Energy Use to gross square footage. The Source EUI will be used as a performance metric to achieve the 20% reduction targets.

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New York State


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New York State Energy Efficiency, 2010 NYS Energy Use Intensity Data, 2011 NYS Energy Use Intensity Data, 2012 NYS Energy Use Intensity Data, 2013 NYS Energy Use Intensity Data, 2014 NYS Energy Use Intensity Data, 2015 NYS Energy Use Intensity Data, 2016 NYS Energy Use Intensity Data, 2017 NYS Energy Use Intensity Data, 2018 NYS Energy Use Intensity Data

Agency_NameAffected State Entity eligible for Executive Order 88 Reporting.string-
Building_Facility_NameIndividually metered building or master metered campus within each state entity.string-
ZIP_Codeintegerlevel : Nominal
Fiscal_YearState Fiscal Year [April 1st – March 31st] of reporting period from beginning year to ending year.string-
Gross_Floor_AreaThe gross square footage-the sum of all areas on all floors of a building included within the outside faces of its exterior walls, including all vertical penetration areas for circulation and shaft areas that connect one floor to another.integerlevel : Ratio
Source_Kilo_British_Thermal_UnitThe total kBtu (Kilo British Thermal Unit) site is converted to Source Energy which takes into account the fuels consumed in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity, as well as the energy losses from storage, distribution, and delivery of each unit fuel.numberlevel : Ratio
Source_Energy_Use_IntensityThe Source kBtu divided by the gross square footage generates the Energy Use Intensity-which is the standard performance metric used to measure Executive Order 88 goals.numberlevel : Ratio
Agency NameBuilding Facility NameZIP CodeFiscal YearGross Floor AreaSource Kilo British Thermal UnitSource Energy Use Intensity
Adirondack Park AgencyAdirondack Park Agency Office129772010-11220002958380134
Agriculture and MarketsNY State Fair132092010-1166330084508330127
CUNYBaruch College Campus100102010-111572632383849490244
CUNYBrooklyn College Campus112102010-112404930786802490327
CUNYCentral Office Campus100752010-119959461158590614
CUNYCity College Of New York Campus100312010-112959867899150690304
CUNYCity Tech College Campus112012010-111098248245774100224
CUNYCollege Of Staten Island Campus103142010-111354984416209300307
CUNYGraduate Center100162010-11680546146248920215
CUNYHonors College100232010-11240967350300305