OECD Communicable Diseases Statistics

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This dataset contains communicable diseases statistics for countries members of OECD (The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) and countries in accession negotiations with OECD. The values of the indicator cover periods from 1980 to 2016.


The dataset is provided by OECD (The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) whose mission is to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. OECD’s work is based on continued monitoring of events in member countries as well as outside OECD area, and includes regular projections of short and medium-term economic developments.┬áThe OECD Secretariat collects and analyses data, after which committees discuss policy regarding this information, the Council makes decisions, and then governments implement recommendations. The OECD Health Datasets offers the most comprehensive source of comparable statistics on health and health systems across OECD countries. It is an essential tool to carry out comparative analyses and draw lessons from international comparisons of diverse health systems.

Two indicators are used for AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), the number of cases and the incidence per 100,000 population. The primary data was collected for European countries through The HIV/AIDS surveillance in Europe and are provided by European Centre for Disease Prevention and World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Europe as well. For non European countries, time series are completed based on national data for selected years. The others indicators, incidence of pertussis, measles and hepatitis B are calculated also per 100,000 population. For these indicators country level sources were used to retrieve the data.

Breaks in the time-related continuity of data on which the calculated indicators values are based are specified in the content of the dataset.

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OECD Countries And Partners Communicable Diseases Statistics, OECD AIDS Hepatitis B Measles And Pertusis Statistics

YearThe year corresponding to the specified indicator valuedaterequired : 1
CountryThe name of the country member of OECD or in accession negotiations with OECDstringrequired : 1
Country_AbbreviationThe abbreviated name of the country member of OECD or in accession negotiations with OECDstringrequired : 1
Country_StatusSpecifies if the country is member of OECD or has an accession agreement with OECDstringenum : Array required : 1
IndicatorSpecifies the indicator for the communicable diseasesstringenum : Array required : 1
Icd_10_ClassificationThe ICD-10 code of the disease specified by indicatorstringrequired : 1
Indicator_CodeThe original OECD code used for the indicatorstringrequired : 1
ValueThe calculated value for the specified indicatornumberlevel : Ratio
Is_Data_Time_Related_BreaksSpecifies if there are breaks in the time-related continuity of databooleanrequired : 1
YearCountryCountry AbbreviationCountry StatusIndicatorIcd 10 ClassificationIndicator CodeValueIs Data Time Related Breaks
1980DenmarkDNKOECD memberNumber of AIDS casesB20COMDAIDS1.0False
1981AustriaAUTOECD memberIncidence of AIDSB20COMDAIDSFalse
1981BelgiumBELOECD memberIncidence of AIDSB20COMDAIDS0.0False
1981CanadaCANOECD memberIncidence of AIDSB20COMDAIDSFalse
1981Czech RepublicCZEOECD memberIncidence of AIDSB20COMDAIDSFalse
1981DenmarkDNKOECD memberIncidence of AIDSB20COMDAIDS0.0False
1981FinlandFINOECD memberIncidence of AIDSB20COMDAIDSFalse
1981FranceFRAOECD memberIncidence of AIDSB20COMDAIDSFalse
1981GermanyDEUOECD memberIncidence of AIDSB20COMDAIDSFalse
1981GreeceGRCOECD memberIncidence of AIDSB20COMDAIDSFalse