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OECD Countries Health Indicators Data Package

$4,385.50 $2,191 / YEAR

This data package contains a wide spectrum of internationally comparable indicators that cover population demographics and population health status (including natality, mortality, quality of life and morbidity) and major determinants of health like healthcare system and services and behavioral health risk factors. It must be mentioned that OECD available data cover predominantly two major areas: population health status and healthcare services (resources and utilization).

1. OECD Absence From Work Due To Illness Statistics ($179)
2. OECD Behavioral Health Risk Factors Exposed Population ($179)
3. OECD Behavioral Health Risk Factors Exposure Levels ($179)
4. OECD Cancer Statistics ($179)
5. OECD Communicable Diseases Statistics ($179)
6. OECD Countries Demographic Indicators ($179)
7. OECD Doctors And Nurses Migration Indicators By Country Of Origin ($179)
8. OECD Health Financial Indicators ($179)
9. OECD Hospital And Ambulatory Health Care Services Utilization ($179)
10. OECD Hospital Average Length Of Stay And Discharges By Disease ($179)
11. OECD Infant And Maternal Mortality Statistics ($179)
12. OECD Life Expectancy And Years Of Potential Life Lost Statistics ($179)
13. OECD Long Term Care Resources And Recipients Statistics ($179)
14. OECD Mortality Statistics By Cause Of Death ($447.5)
15. OECD Patients Mortality And Survival Indicators ($179)
16. OECD Perceived Health Status Statistics ($179)
17. OECD Pharmaceutical Consumption And Sales By ATC Codes ($179)
18. OECD Preventive Health Services Coverage Indicators ($179)
19. OECD Primary Health Care Services Effectiveness Indicators ($179)
20. OECD Responsiveness And Patient Experiences Health Care Indicators ($179)
21. OECD Social And Private Health Insurance Coverage ($179)
22. OECD Surgery Procedures By Day Inpatient And Outpatient Cases ($179)
23. OECD Surgical Patients Safety Indicators ($179)