Oregon Consumer Complaints

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This dataset features consumer complaints registered with the Oregon Department of Justice. The database of consumer complaints is derived from consumer contacts for the past 3 years and is for information only. This database may not offer a completely accurate or comprehensive account of every incident.


Several factors, including a company’s size and volume of transactions, may affect the likelihood of a consumer complaint being filed. The number of complaints about a business may not be a reliable measure as to whether it is appropriately conducting business.

The information in this database is updated as soon as possible. However, recently submitted complaints may not be immediately available.

The Oregon Department of Justice is committed to ensuring a safe and fair marketplace in Oregon. It helps consumers with complaints, prevent fraud, enforce consumer protection laws and invest in consumer education.

Note: All the complaints shown have closed status.

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Consumer Complaint, Consumer Complaint Data, Oregon Consumer Data, Consumer Protection

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Consumer Mediated Complaints, Department of Justice

Date_OpenDate when complaint was opendate-
Date_ClosedDate when complaint was closeddate-
RespondentCompany, Organization or Individual that is subject of compaintstring-
Address_1Complaint address (May contain additional company information)string-
Address_2Complaint addressstring-
CityCity where the complaint was recordedstring-
State_AbbreviationState where the complaint was recordedstring-
Zip_CodeZip Code of the state where complaint was recordedstring-
Business_TypeType of businessstring-
Complaint_DescriptionDetailed description of complaint registeredstring-
Closing_DescriptionDescription for closed complaintstring-
LatitudeLatitude Location where the complaint was made.number-
LongitudeLongitude Location where the complaint was made.number-
Reference NumberDate OpenDate ClosedRespondentAddress 1Address 2CityState AbbreviationZip CodeBusiness TypeComplaint DescriptionClosing DescriptionLatitudeLongitude
FF5736-192019-11-092019-11-09AIR CANADANot AssignedPrivate Class ActionClass Action Fairness Act Notice
FF3251-192019-07-022019-07-02AUTO ADVERTISINGAutos: Used Car DealersAny other unfair or deceptive conduct in an offer or in advertisingInformation Only
FF1098-182018-02-282018-04-03CABLE SERVICESBroadcasting: TV via cableNot AssignedComplainant Did Not Maintain Contact with DOJ
FF3763-182018-07-172018-07-17CITY OF MEDFORDGeneral GovernmentService quality lower than what the complainant ordered or expectedDOJ has No Jurisdiction
FF3332-192019-07-092019-07-09COX COMMUNICATIONSNot AssignedPrivate Class ActionClass Action Fairness Act Notice
FF0591-192019-02-042019-02-04CREDIT BUREAUSCredit/Lending: Credit BureausService quality lower than what the complainant ordered or expectedInformation Only
FF6135-182018-11-162018-11-20D & O GARBAGE SERVICE, INC1140 BOONE RD SESALEMOR97302.0Waste Management & Remediation ServicesFailed to deliver any goods or servicesVoluntarily Resolved44.903639-123.051956
FF7564-172017-12-262018-07-27DIRECTV, INC*OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT308 S AKARD ST, ROOM 1110DALLASTX75202.0Telecommunications: SatelliteNot AssignedReviewed and Closed32.779989-96.803609
FF4687-172017-07-272017-07-28DIRECTV, INC*OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT308 S AKARD ST, ROOM 1110DALLASTX75202.0Telecommunications: SatelliteSenior CitizenVoluntarily Resolved32.779989-96.803609
FF5993-172017-10-032017-10-03DOCTOR PHONE SCAMFraudulent EntityGeneral allegation of unlawful conductInformation Only
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