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Population Figures By Country

The dataset represents the world population, it shows the population figures of all countries and known territories. Figures are derived from census data and official numbers and estimates from the respective countries.

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The data has been sourced from World Bank, which in turn lists as sources: (1) United Nations Population Division. World Population Prospects, (2) United Nations Statistical Division. Population and Vital Statistics Report (various years), (3) Census reports and other statistical publications from national statistical offices, (4) Eurostat: Demographic Statistics, (5) Secretariat of the Pacific Community: Statistics and Demography Programme, and (6) U.S. Census Bureau: International Database. Statistical figures of countries which are not able or willing to publish official population statistics are based on United Nations (UN) estimates. “Total population” is based on the de facto definition of population, which counts all residents regardless of legal status or citizenship. The values shown are midyear estimates.
It shows the latest population figures for each country with the source of the data, mostly provided by the national statistics body.

Increases in human population, whether as a result of immigration or more births than deaths, can impact natural resources and social infrastructure. This can place pressure on a country’s sustainability. A significant growth in population will negatively impact the availability of land for agricultural production, and will aggravate demand for food, energy, water, social services, and infrastructure. On the other hand, decreasing population size – a result of fewer births than deaths, and people moving out of a country – can impact a government’s commitment to maintaining services and infrastructure.

Current population estimates for developing countries that lack (i) reliable recent census data, and (ii) pre- and post-census estimates for countries with census data, are provided by the United Nations Population Division and other agencies. The cohort component method – a standard method for estimating and projecting population – requires fertility, mortality, and net migration data, often collected from sample surveys, which can be small or limited in coverage. Population estimates are from demographic modeling and so are susceptible to biases and errors from shortcomings in both the model and the data. In the UN estimates the five-year age group is the cohort unit and five-year period data are used; therefore interpolations to obtain annual data or single age structure may not reflect actual events or age composition. Because future trends cannot be known with certainty, population projections have a wide range of uncertainty.

The indicator name used for the dataset is “Population, total” and the related indicator code is SP.POP.TOTL.

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Other Titles

Population Figures For Countries Regions And The World, Population Figures for Countries of the World, World Population Statistics From 1960 to 2018, List of Countries With Their Population Figures

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
CountryName of the countrystringrequired : 1
Country_CodeCode assigned to the country by the World Bank.stringrequired : 1
Year_1960Population of the country in 1960integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1961Population of the country in 1961integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1962Population of the country in 1962integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1963Population of the country in 1963integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1964Population of the country in 1964integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1965Population of the country in 1965integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1966Population of the country in 1966integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1967Population of the country in 1967integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1968Population of the country in 1968integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1969Population of the country in 1969integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1970Population of the country in 1970integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1971Population of the country in 1971integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1972Population of the country in 1972integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1973Population of the country in 1973integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1974Population of the country in 1974integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1975Population of the country in 1975integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1976Population of the country in 1976integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1977Population of the country in 1977integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1978Population of the country in 1978integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1979Population of the country in 1979integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1980Population of the country in 1980integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1981Population of the country in 1981integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1982Population of the country in 1982integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1983Population of the country in 1983integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1984Population of the country in 1984integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1985Population of the country in 1985integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1986Population of the country in 1986integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1987Population of the country in 1987integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1988Population of the country in 1988integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1989Population of the country in 1989integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1990Population of the country in 1990integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1991Population of the country in 1991integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1992Population of the country in 1992integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1993Population of the country in 1993integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1994Population of the country in 1994integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1995Population of the country in 1995integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1996Population of the country in 1996integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1997Population of the country in 1997integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1998Population of the country in 1998integerlevel : Ratio
Year_1999Population of the country in 1999integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2000Population of the country in 2000integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2001Population of the country in 2001integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2002Population of the country in 2002numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2003Population of the country in 2003numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2004Population of the country in 2004numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2005Population of the country in 2005numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2006Population of the country in 2006numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2007Population of the country in 2007numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2008Population of the country in 2008numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2009Population of the country in 2009numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2010Population of the country in 2010numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2011Population of the country in 2011numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2012Population of the country in 2012numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2013Population of the country in 2013numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2014Population of the country in 2014numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2015Population of the country in 2015numberlevel : Ratio
Year_2016Population of the country in 2016integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2017Population of the country in 2017integerlevel : Ratio
Year_2018Population of the country in 2018integerlevel : Ratio

Data Preview

CountryCountry CodeYear 1960Year 1961Year 1962Year 1963Year 1964Year 1965Year 1966Year 1967Year 1968Year 1969Year 1970Year 1971Year 1972Year 1973Year 1974Year 1975Year 1976Year 1977Year 1978Year 1979Year 1980Year 1981Year 1982Year 1983Year 1984Year 1985Year 1986Year 1987Year 1988Year 1989Year 1990Year 1991Year 1992Year 1993Year 1994Year 1995Year 1996Year 1997Year 1998Year 1999Year 2000Year 2001Year 2002Year 2003Year 2004Year 2005Year 2006Year 2007Year 2008Year 2009Year 2010Year 2011Year 2012Year 2013Year 2014Year 2015Year 2016Year 2017Year 2018
Arab WorldARB921977539472451097334442100034179102832760105736431108758610111899364115136178118437195121785650125164745128598734132161298135952252140040649144453278149161891154111175159218552164420785169698994175061792180505996186035305191650331197338142203084971208889682214753970222653373228731685232956352239243261245449409253107289259000953264822188270575803276393837282344154288432163294665185301113849307862843314965793322452754330290716338395961346629220354890042363158703371443547379705719387907748396028278404024433411898965419790588
United Arab EmiratesARE92418100796112118125130138039149857159976169771182627203106234514277471330974394624467451548301637922735344835508931749101950910966101164806122845912939711366164144638015335361627066172568118284321937153205289121731392294385241509025391262671362281321429660343134062330271934787773711932406857045882255300174616883870894877917372854998889467779141596919791092141759262900936098094872039630959
American SamoaASM2012320602212532203422854236722446225248259892670327363279842856729100295963005230456308383126931845326463370134968364123794639519411194274044343458944734748685498965102052095531615421155221561715705357821584945908059504596815956259107583655749256683560795575955667557135579155812557415562055465