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Pot Holes Reported by 311 Service

This dataset shows the pot holes reported by the 311 Service. It includes all open requests and all completed requests since January 1, 2011.

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The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) oversees the patching of potholes on over 4,000 miles of arterial and residential streets in Chicago. CDOT receives reports of potholes through the 311 call center and uses a computerized mapping and tracking system to identify pothole locations and efficiently schedule crews. One call to 311 can generate multiple pothole repairs. When a crew arrives to repair a 311 pothole, it fills all the other potholes within the block. Pothole repairs are generally completed within 7 days from the first report of a pothole to 311. Weather conditions, particularly frigid temps and precipitation, influence how long a repair takes. On days when weather is cooperative and there is no precipitation, crews can fill several thousand potholes.

If a previous request is already open for a buffer of 4 addresses the request is given the status of “Duplicate (Open)”. For example, if there is an existing CSR (Customer Service Request) for 6535 N Western and a new request is received for 6531 N Western (which is within four addresses of the original CSR) then the new request is given a status of “Duplicate (Open)”.

Once the street is repaired, the status in CSR will read “Completed” for the original request and “Duplicate (Closed)” for any duplicate requests. A service request also receives the status of “Completed” when the reported address is inspected but no potholes are found or have already been filled. If another issue is found with the street, such as a “cave-in” or “failed utility cut”, then it is directed to the appropriate department or contractor.

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John Snow Labs; Data City of Chicago;

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Chicago Department of Transportation, Potholes Request, Pot Holes by 311 Service, Reports of Potholes, Reports of Pot Holes, Street Pot Holes, Pot Holes

Other Titles

Chicago Potholes, Potholes Request Data, Open and Completed Potholes Request Data Since 2011

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Creation_DateDate when potholes were requesteddate-
Request_StatusStatus of the requested potholesstring-
Completion_DateDate when request was completeddate-
Service_Request_NumberA unique number to identify potholes requeststring-
Current_ActivityType of current activitystring-
Most_Recent_ActionThe most recent action on requeststring-
Number_of_PotholesNumber of Potholes filled on blocknumberlevel : Ratio
Street_AddressStreet address of the potholesstring-
Zip_CodeZIP Code of the street potholesintegerlevel : Nominal
Ward_NumberThe ward number used in the street potholes.integerlevel : Nominal
Police_DistrictIndicates the police district where the street pothole was requested.integerlevel : Nominal
Community_AreaIndicates the community area where the street pothole was requested. Chicago has 77 community areas.integerlevel : Nominal
Special_Service_AreasSpecial Service Areas, known as Business Improvement Districts or BIDs in other cities, are local tax districts that fund expanded services and programs through a localized property tax levy within contiguous areas. The enhanced services and programs are in addition to those currently provided through the City.integerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeThe latitude of the physical location of the potholes.number-
LongitudeThe longitude of the physical location of the potholes.number-

Data Preview

Creation DateRequest StatusCompletion DateService Request NumberCurrent ActivityMost Recent ActionNumber of PotholesStreet AddressZip CodeWard NumberPolice DistrictCommunity AreaSpecial Service AreasLatitudeLongitude
2016-02-12Completed2016-02-2216-00876958Final OutcomePothole Patched20.06300 W BLOOMINGDALE AVE6063929252541.91292716-87.78261997
2014-02-25Completed - Dup2014-03-1814-002699971532 E 56TH ST60637524161.041.79346802-87.58791934
2015-05-14Completed2015-08-0515-01982464Final OutcomePothole Patched2.06700 S DR MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DR606372036941.77291003-87.61559471
2013-05-02Completed2013-05-0613-00525183Final OutcomePothole Patched18.06100 W 58TH ST606382385641.78710025-87.77435493
2014-09-23Completed2014-10-1114-01612898Final OutcomePothole Patched1.05400 S HAMLIN AVE606322386241.79502704-87.71845403
2012-05-02Completed2012-05-0212-00852515Dispatch CrewPothole Patched16.04200 S WABASH AVE60653323841.8182323-87.62484084
2014-06-10Completed - Dup2014-06-1114-008805376328 N KEYSTONE AVE6064639171241.99623041-87.73026891
2011-06-22Completed2011-07-0111-03217541Dispatch CrewPothole Patched1.04339 S LANGLEY AVE60653423847.041.81561311-87.60900906
2014-06-12Completed2014-07-1814-00896443Final OutcomeNo Potholes Found0.01042 W GRAND AVE6064227122441.89122562-87.65395991
2014-04-06Completed2014-04-0914-00490097Final OutcomePothole Patched40.05359 S OAK PARK AVE606382385641.79418581-87.79148364