Ratio of Homeless Population to General Population

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Homelessness is a social crisis in the United States of America. According to McKinney–Vento Homeless Assistance Act, homeless people are those who lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence. “Ratio of Homeless Population to General Population in major US Cities in 2010. This represents a list of large U.S. cities for which DHS was able to confirm a recent estimate of the unsheltered population. A 2010 result is only available for Seattle, WA. Other cities either did not conduct a count in 2010, or their 2010 results are not yet available.

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2009 unsheltered census figures were used for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and Washington, DC, and Boston; the 2007 estimate is used for Chicago. General population figures are the latest estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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Homeless to General Population, Unsheltered Street Homeless, Street Homeless Peoples

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Homeless Ratio, General Population Ratio

Name Description Type Constraints
CityCity of homelessstring-
Street_Homeless_PopulationStreet Homeless Populationintegerlevel : Nominal
General_PopulationGeneral Populationintegerlevel : Nominal
Ratio_Of_Unsheltered_Homeless_To_General_PopulationRatio between Homeless to General Populationstring-
Boston2196090231 in 2781
Miami FL4114132011 in 1005
Seattle WA19865985411 in 301
Chicago IL157628531141 in 1810
Washington DC3215918331 in 1844
New York City311183637101 in 2688
Los Angeles CA2491538339951 in 154
Los Angeles CA2491538339951 in 154
Los Angeles CA2491538339951 in 154
Los Angeles CA2491538339951 in 154