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  • Vehicles Relocated by the City of Chicago
  • Vehicles Relocation by Chicago Police Department


  • Relocated Vehicles
  • Relocated Vehicles in Chicago
  • Vehicle Relocation
  • Vehicle Relocation Procedures
  • Relocation and Towing of Vehicles

Relocated Vehicles in Chicago Last 90 Days

This dataset displays the location of vehicles that have been relocated by the City of Chicago within the last 90 days.

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This dataset presents current and former locations of vehicles that have been relocated by the City of Chicago within the last 90 days. Vehicles may be relocated, but not impounded, due to inoperability, accident, severe weather, special events, construction or other work being performed in a thoroughfare where the vehicle was previously located.

The Chicago Police Department enforce all ordinances and statutes which authorize towing, relocating, and disposing of vehicles located on the public way, within legal guidelines. Members cooperate and assist other City departments and authorized private towing agencies during emergency and non-emergency operations while continuing to provide essential police services.

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John Snow Labs; Chicago Data Portal;

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Relocated Vehicles, Relocated Vehicles in Chicago, Vehicle Relocation, Vehicle Relocation Procedures, Relocation and Towing of Vehicles

Other Titles

Vehicles Relocated by the City of Chicago, Vehicles Relocation by Chicago Police Department

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Relocated_DateDate and time of when Vehicle was relocateddatetime-
Vehicle_MakeMakers/Brand of the Vehiclestring-
Vehicle_ColorColor of vehiclestring-
Vehicle_PlateNumber plate of vehiclestring-
StateState where the vehicle was relocatedstring-
Relocated_From_Address_NumberAddress number where the vehicle was relocatedintegerlevel : Nominal
Relocated_From_Street_DirectionStreet number where vehicle was relocatedstring-
Street_NameStreet name where vehicle was relocatedstring-
Relocated_From_SuffixSuffix where vehicle was relocatedstring-
Relocated_To_Address_NumberVehicle next relocated addressstring-
Relocated_To_Street_DirectionVehicle next relocated street directionstring-
Relocated_To_Street_NameVehicle next relocated street namestring-
Relocated_ReasonReason why vehicle was relocatedstring-
Service_Request_NumberA unique request number allotted to vehicle for relocationstring-
LatitudeLatitude location of the relocated vehiclenumber-
LongitudeLongitude location of the relocated vehiclenumber-

Data Preview

Relocated DateVehicle MakeVehicle ColorVehicle PlateStateRelocated From Address NumberRelocated From Street DirectionStreet NameRelocated From SuffixRelocated To Address NumberRelocated To Street DirectionRelocated To Street NameRelocated ReasonService Request NumberLatitudeLongitude
2021-04-27ChevroletWhite402289dIL2600SNB OUTER LAKE SHOREDR3000SFt Dearborn drBroken Down21-0004361041.8456347-87.61121707
2021-06-05ScionBlueAL59290IL217E26THST2833SMartin Luther King Jr. Dr.Other21-0004690041.84564362-87.62145038
2021-04-27HondaGrayBE72476IL2321SINDIANAAVE2620SMichiganFilm Office21-0004361141.85047797-87.62219034
2021-04-27HondaBlackAED6873WI2408SINDIANAAVE2620SMichiganFilm Office21-0004361941.8489317-87.62262059
2021-04-27ToyotaWhiteDnv 452MN3522WSCHUBERT3522WSchubertPeoples Gas21-0004358541.930130600000005-87.71542651
2021-04-27HondaMaroon498 sxgAR1062WLAWRENCE4724NWinthropOther21-0004362141.96796119-87.65721882
2021-04-27LincolnGrayZZ16043IL108E23RDST2620SMichiganFilm Office21-0004362441.85114556-87.62336513
2021-04-27Kia Motors CorpGrayHKB7266NC8140SHOMANAVE8205SHOMANCDOT Street Resurfacing21-0004364241.74495861-87.70743549